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Services and Pricing

Style Savvy DFW (SSDFW) was created to help women get the most out of their wardrobe. Too often we walk into our closets (usually full of clothes), look around and think “I have absolutely nothing to wear”! We have racks full of clothes, but after a while we can become what I call “closet blind”. We can’t see the forest for the trees – or outfits for the clothes! That’s where Style Savvy can help!
Today’s clothing budgets seem to get smaller with each passing year, so a frugal approach to fashion is definitely a good idea. With a Closet Review or Closet Edit session by a Style Savvy consultant, you’ll discover a world of options when you learn to shop your closet. We will help you create outfits using your existing wardrobe and accessories. You’ll be amazed at how many options you really have!

How it Works

We start with a Closet Review. This 30 minute session allows us to get acquainted and discover your personal style. We’ll review your existing wardrobe and make suggestions so you can prepare for your Closet Edit session. At the end of the Closet Review you will have 4-6 new outfits created for you using what’s already in your closet.

The Closet Edit is where the real work happens. This 2 hour session will allow us time to try on, evaluate and assess your wardrobe needs. We’ll decide what to keep, alter, donate/consign or throw away so you have a clean, organized closet to work with. We’ll create and photograph outfits so you have a resource for those days when you need a little extra help. You’ll also learn how to shop your closet to create outfits on your own. After the session you’ll also receive a suggested list of “completer” pieces, accessories and shoes to enhance your wardrobe.

Closet Review -30 minute in-home session: $25.00
Closet Edit – 2 hour in-home session: $100.00 ($50 for each additional hour)

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and would like to schedule a Closet Review, please complete the form below. We’ll contact you quickly to schedule your appointment!


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