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I have always been interested in fashion. Ever since my mom made matching dresses for me and my Barbie I’ve been fascinated by texture and color. My favorite dress was a purple watercolor dress with a full skirt that twirled beautifully. Mom made all my clothes – and I wasn’t embarrassed at all. She was an artist – with fabric as well as paint. She created my wedding dress by putting 5 patterns together to get exactly what I had envisioned.

I started writing this blog in response to my friends requests. As soon as I started writing, I knew it was the right time. Thanks for reading – lets have some fun!



13 thoughts on “Style Savvy

  1. I was in need of some fashion inspiration and found yor blog. Thanks so much for sharing with those of us who are less fashion savvy than you are!


    • Hi Mary! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog! I’ve learned a lot over the years watching “What Not To Wear” and listening to my very stylish daughters. Be sure and let me know if you have any specific questions – I’m happy to help! Lori


  2. Finally a blog that’s REAL, and really where I like to shop – thank you! I notice you wear alot of comfort pumps from Payless. How high is the heel you are usually wearing? I can’t tell from the photos, but I do love the balanced look you have achieved. How high is your normal heel ?


    • Hi Joan! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog! I love my Comfort Plus pumps from Payless! I have them in several colors and the 3″ heel is just the perfect height. I try not to wear anything above 3″ just because I’ve discovered that’s the most comfortable height for me. There are rare exceptions – mostly boots and sandals with a little platform. Thanks for commenting!!


  3. Karen on said:

    Hi Lori, I look forward to your blog during the week. Thanks for the inspiration to not get stuck in a fashion rut , especially as we get older. I’m located in Canada and we don’t have all the stores you shop in , but will definitely visit some of them the next time I’m doing some cross border shopping.


  4. L Hutzler on said:

    First of all I love your blog and find real inspiration in your posts. This question may be too personal to answer so I understand if you don’t care to do so. I am on my own weight loss journey and was wondering how tall you are and what size you wear and your weight, if you care to disclose it– or send me a personal reply. And I will exchange the same information with you. I think you look great and you wear your clothes so well. That’s where I want to be and have about 25 pounds to lose to get there.


    • Thanks so much for the comments! I don’t mind sharing my info – I want to be honest with everyone that I still struggle to keep my weight consistent. I’m 5’4″ and stay pretty consistently between 130 and 135 pounds. I try to exercise every day (I have a stationary recumbent bicycle) and still count calories using the My Fitness Pal app on my iPhone. I wear anywhere from a size 2 to size 6 (even the occasional 8) depending on manufacturer, style and cut of an item.

      I hope this helps!


  5. L Hutzler on said:

    Thanks for sharing your info– I am 5’5′ and have about 30 pounds to lose. You blog helps me keep motivated and be inventive in my clothing choices. I know sometimes it can feel like you are shouting into the wind when blogging but know your voice carries!!

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  6. Sarah Jones on said:

    Found you on Pinterest. Thanks for simplifying fashion for me. I can’t wear all the cute things you model but I can adapt them for my figure. Most style and fashion magazines cater to 20 somethings or advocate buying a pair of $300 shoes to pair with the $200 jeans! It’s nice to see you in great outfits that I can also manage to actually buy. Keep up the good work!


    • I’m so glad you found me! Like you, I get frustrated with what designers show on 20 year old models – expecting everyone to be on board! Shopping on a budget is reality for so many women (I’d say probably the majority!) and I love finding bargains, so this blog was a natural fit (no pun intended!). Thanks for reading – and keep commenting!


  7. Florence on said:

    Just found you on pinterest……..oh so glad I did. I love your cute but classy style. I follow several fashion blogs (for our age ;)) but I too get frustrated with the $200 jeans to go with the $300 shoes. I love that your frugal. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  8. Just found this blog yesterday, and your “about me” could be about ME! I was an only girl w/ 3 brothers and my mom made all of my clothes, too, even into my teens years in the early 70’s!

    I didn’t have a Barbie, but she made amazing wardrobes for my Tammy, Chatty Cathy, Tiny Tears and Betsy McCall dolls! I’m talking everything from underwear to pajamas to tiny knit sweaters and slippers! I still have all of them!

    My mother made my wedding gown out of about 4 patterns! I found a dress in Bride’s magazine and she copied it! We went to the garment district in LA looking for a certain lace and couldn’t find it. We found something that “would do.” A couple of days later I came home from work and found what looked like THE lace, and she had actually made it, cutting leaves off of here and appliqueing them there, etc! It was amazing!

    She later became a master quilter who has won numerous awards! At 87 years old, she’s still embroidering and making wall hangings, even with rheumatoid arthritis!

    Aren’t we lucky?!

    By the way, I love this site! Very helpful!

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