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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today – I hope you’re inspired by what you read. I am a 55+ wife, mom of three gorgeous daughters and “Mimi” to three lovely granddaughters. I love God, my awesome husband (I lovingly refer to him as “AH)of 33 years and my wonderful family and extended family. I’m a fan of (but not a slave to) fashion, an extreme bargain hunter and blogger who lost 30 very uncomfortable and annoying pounds a little over 2 years ago (I’m now working hard to keep it off!). I’m thoroughly enjoying my new found energy and excitement about life by slalom water-skiing and embarking on a solo jazz singing career.

If you have questions or comments about the blog, I’d love to hear from you!

Frugally yours,


P.S. If you have questions or comments, fire away! I love hearing from my readers!


21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Lori,

    This is Cindy Stevens again. Thanks for responding to my last question about the jeans. I have a couple more. First of all what is your Facebook page labeled? How long ago did you find that shirt at Cato? I live in a small town in N. W. Ohio and was so excited to see something I could actually purchase. Feel sorry for me we don’t even have a target. Thanks again for your ideas, just a suggestion you pictures come kind of dark. The colors in your clothes aren’t as vibrant as I’m sure you wold like them to be.

    Thank you again


    • Hi Cindy!

      I really appreciate your feedback – it’s so helpful!

      In answer to your question about CATO – I purchased the yellow lace top about two weeks ago, so hopefully you can still find it in the store. They had several colors – I think white, black and green – maybe blue? But you should be able to describe it to a salesperson at the store. If they don’t have it they might be able to locate it in another store.

      I understand completely about not having a Target! We lived in a very small town in Northern California back in the early 90’s and the only clothing store in town was a Mervyn’s! I had to drive to Modesto to go to Target or Walmart. When they finally built a Walmart just before we moved back to Texas, you should have seen my happy dance!

      Thanks for the tips on the photos. Since I photographed everything myself it’s challenging to get the lighting the way I want it. I have a photographer friend who’s going to help me with that in the next few weeks. Honestly when I started writing the blog I wasn’t sure people would even read it! I’ve definitely been pleasantly surprised at the response!

      Have a great afternoon!



  2. You are a real inspiration!


  3. Pam Lockhart on said:

    It was wonderful meeting you in Soma yesterday! Tell me what I need to do before I schedule my consultation. You can’t see my closet like it is!!!!


  4. Rhonda on said:

    Love, love, love your blog! I too am a 50+ mother who just lost 28 lbs. I am the wife of an attorney, mother of two wonderful sons and one rambunctious bull terrier. I teach middle school art full time and have an unbelievably hectic schedule. I love the new skinnier me and am always looking for easy to put together outfit ideas. Yours are perfect! Thanks and keep ’em commin’!


  5. Tracie on said:

    I just found your blog and am enjoying seeing the different looks you put together! You may have covered this information before and I just haven’t ran across it yet; I was wondering if you would share with us your height and possibly the size you wear. Thanks!


    • Hi Tracie! Thanks so much for checking out the blog! In 2012 I went on a diet, lost 30 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 2! I’m 5’4″ and now wear anywhere from a size 2 to a size 6, depending on the designer/style of clothing. Thanks for asking!


  6. Thank you for your interesting and frugal-focus blog. I have the luxury of going into different schools for work every day during the school week and can wear the same clothes over and over….but I think I do need to change things up a little more. One of my elementary students told me years ago, “Don’t you got no new clothes?” I’m a WW lifer and can empathize with your journey. Keep on writin’!


  7. One of the first things I do in the morning is check out your blog. Although I’ve always liked to dress with style, I look to you for more inspiration.
    I have an outfit idea for you. How about how many ways can you style a long black maxi skirt. I’ve recently purchased one and would love ideas on how the wear it. Keep on blogging, you’re the best!


    • Hi Marla! Great minds think alike! I’ve already planned a series on a black maxi skirt for early fall! I may sneak a maxi skirt post in before the series, so stay tuned.
      Thanks so much for the comment – it really helps to hear from readers and I always love suggestions.


  8. I had posted that I had found your was because of your fashion savvy ways. Then I read about you and discovered you had lost weight and reinventing yourself to ….I am 66 lost 30 lbs and want to lose another 40 it is a struggle but I will do it. I want to still keep working but in a totally different environment – look good for my age and dress with style. Your blog inspires me and I know I can achieve whatever I go for!!!! Thank you so much.


    • Hi Kris! Thanks so much for the comments – you made my day! I admire you for changing your life – believe me, you won’t regret it. It seems to have gotten harder over the last year to keep my weight off, but I’m committed to never going back to where I was. The work is definitely worth it. Keep it up!


  9. I just recently found your blog and now read it daily. Did you do anything in particular to lose the weight ? What about trying to keep it off ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Terri! The short answer is – I lost the 30 pounds over 10 months with diet and exercise. I counted calories and moved as much as possible. It was slow, but I think that’s the best way. I keep it off the same way – diet and exercise. I watch my calorie intake and exercise as much as possible. I’ll probably write about this in the next week or so – I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about it. Thanks for the comment!!!


  10. Claire on said:

    Hi Lori,
    I have a quick question for you. I saw in a previous reply that you mention you are 5’4″. That is the same height that I am and I have such a hard time finding the right length of pants and jeans. Seems petite lengths are just a tad short and the regular lengths are too long. Do you have that same problem too?
    Thanks! Love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Claire! Like you, I do have challenges finding pants and jeans that are just the right length. Being right on the edge of “petite” can be frustrating for sure. I have found a great tailor, and have my pants shortened when I don’t have time to do it myself. I’m very grateful that it’s “cool” for skinny jeans to be cuffed or rolled – it’s saved me on my alterations budget for sure!


  11. Jana 911 on said:

    I love your posts and your outfits! Finally ideas, that are fun, age appropriate and affordable.


  12. Kazuko on said:

    Hello Lori!
    I’m working Japanese forties living in Tokyo.
    I found your pic at Pinterest and felt “Wow!!” You looked so fashionable more than the young model next to you!
    Then I came to your blog and love the way you wear the color and accessories!
    I can tell that you are a beautiful woman yourself, I can see your happiness from your smile. Also I’m impressed that you succeed losing weight and doing effort to keep it!!
    I want to learn how to wear everyday from you^^
    I followed your Twitter and looking forward too see your pics!

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  13. Maylis Karjalainen on said:

    Hi Lori,
    I stumbled upon your Pinterest page when I looked for “older fashionable women “. I like your style and admire you for being able to shed off so much weight, not a small feat.
    However, there is one thing that makes me wonder, namely, the purchases you make are often so cheap that somewhere along the line somebody else is paying. In the case of clothing, it is the poor people in developing countries who bear the true cost of the western world’s bargain hunt. Their working conditions are deplorable, they work long hours and get barely by on the wages they earn. So, please, pay attention to what you buy and where from! Target is one of the worst retailers in this sense, no matter what their PR, and their competitors’ PR claim.
    Easier said than done, but as an alternative vintage shops and flea markets can provide a more eclictic and definitely more ecological alternative.


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