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Hi everyone,

As with all good things, it’s time for me to lay down Style Savvy DFW. Life has changed for the better and the new direction is the culmination of a life long dream. I have a wonderful marriage (celebrating 35 years this summer!), a new and somewhat demanding job and my music career is starting to take off. I’ll still blog on my music site – and post style ideas on my Pinterest boards, so I’m not going away completely.

Your support of this blog has been incredible and I am eternally grateful. You have helped me break out of my shell and write – something I always wanted to do, but never had the courage to pursue. Thank you is not sufficient, but the words are truly heartfelt. God bless you all!



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21 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Jennifer Grenke on said:

    Best of Luck!

    On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 11:30 AM, Style Savvy DFW wrote:

    > stylesavvydfw posted: “Hi everyone, As with all good things, it’s time for > me to lay down Style Savvy DFW. Life has changed for the better and the new > direction is the culmination of a life long dream. I have a wonderful > marriage (celebrating 35 years this summer!), a new and ” >


  2. Thank you for the fun of seeing stylish, affordable clothing for those of us who are, ahem, not spring chickens!! All the best in your new endeavors.


  3. robjodiefilogomo on said:

    Good luck !!


  4. Lori, I for one am so thankful to have found your blog! You have encouraged me in a time of change and have provided an example when one was sorely needed. I wish you all the very very best! God bless you!


  5. Kathleen Cramer on said:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, and good luck!


  6. Claire on said:

    Thank you so much Lori for all your style inspiration. It is because of you that I bought my first pair of skinny jeans! Best of luck to you in your future endeavors – God Bless!


  7. princess on said:

    Sorry to see you go! Thanks so much for helping this style challenged 50 year old plus 🙂 put together a new look that I love & the courage to mix things up a bit


  8. I wish you the very best / I loved your blog – thank you for sharing 😘


  9. Barbara K. on said:

    Best wishes are you continue on the journey, called life. Thank you for proving that women of any age can always look great, without robbing the bank. Since following your blog, I learned to accessorize so much better, and can pull together an outfit with ease. Of course, I still wish I had your lovely head of hair. Enjoy your new adventures and thank you for sharing your life with us. Cheers!


  10. J Reeves on said:

    Best wishes. I just found your blog a couple of months ago. Do you have any recommendations for similar blobs? JulyGulf


  11. Rita Barker on said:

    Yay for new seasons! Best of everything Lori…thanks for sharing your wonderful style with us…✨💖✨


  12. Leslie T. on said:

    Congratulations on all of the exciting blessings in your life! I am so happy to see God reward your obedience and provide increased opportunities for you to use your gifts. The blog will be missed, but fortunately, we’re geographically close, and I look forward to hugging your neck soon!


  13. Karla Haynes on said:

    I found you too late! Was enjoying the last few months of your blog and found them to be so easy and helpful. Thank you. Good luck in your new endeavors and God Bless You.


  14. We’ll all miss you Lori, but so happy for you. Thanks so much for dropping in and saying good-bye. Kinda jealous of those who know you “for real”. You seem like such a great sister in the Lord and wish you all His BEST!!


  15. Carol Neuhaus on said:

    Good Luck!! There’s a lot of us that will really miss your blog. Life goes by so quickly so pursue your dreams.


  16. This is in response to J Reeves:

    I’m not, Lori, and I haven’t found a blog as well balanced and humble as hers , but here are my top 10 ” regular-girl-willing- to-thrift-and/or-shop-at -Target” kind of style blogs. Most are over-40.
    (In no particular order)

    1. She Thought She Could, So She did.
    A Christian lady who is not afraid to style something twice. Just found this one, and I recognized her cardigan as from Target!

    2. Fake Fabulous
    From the British Isles, Samantha’s vintage stylings are bold bright and beautiful.

    3. What I Wore 2 Day
    Kasmiri is a slender ex-marine with pink hair and a great sense of style and fun.

    4. Grace & Beauty
    Cyndi is a put together Christian lady with, well, grace and beauty!

    5. Kremb de la Kremb
    Stylist Ann is a Librarian currently working in Hong Kong. Category: bold&fun.

    6.Style on Target
    This is my favorite and the only 30-something blog I recommend. Great if you love blue and red! Some great office attire ideas included.

    7. Blue Collar Red Lipstick
    Get ready to be inspired by thrift store and resale chic!

    8. 50 is not Old
    Real life, put together, sassy and classy. . . great inspiration for everyday style.

    9. Shopping my Closet
    Health Care worker Liz doesn’t believe looking great should cost a fortune!

    10. Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
    Jess is tall, has beautiful red hair and doesn’t think over 40 has to mean frumpy!


  17. lynneferd on said:

    Thank you so much for blogging as long as you have. It was a big commitment! You have achieved much and influenced many. Best wishes in all your pursuits. I’ll check in on the music blog and Pinterest. You are one talented gal!


  18. Lisa Hascall on said:

    I just want to thank you for your blog. I found it last year, when I was trying to start dressing better, after having lost weight and starting to get healthier. Your blog helped me out so much, with ideas on what to wear, how to put outfits together, and at prices that were more in my range! Thank you so much and good luck and blessings on your new position and your singing career!! Thank you!


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