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Simple Addition


I think we’re finally going to see some real Autumn weather. Today’s high was 71, so I went with 3/4 sleeves again just to be comfortable. Tomorrow we’ll only hit 65 so I’ll pull out the sweaters and enjoy the cool weather to its fullest. Bring on the cold!

Some of you have asked how I tie my scarves, so here are a few photos – hopefully this will help!

To start – Put the scarf around your neck:



Next, wrap both ends around your neck and bring to the front:


Loosely tie the two ends:


It’s not necessary to make a knot, just pull the ends up until it’s under the first loop. You can fluff the scarf to get your desired look:


I hope this helps. I opted not to do a video because I think I look and sound dorky!

Today’s Outfit:

Blue cotton 3/4 sleeve sweater: Old Navy (last season)
Black denim leggings: Levis Outlet (recent)
White Mountain black  boots: DSW (last year) Scarf: Target

Have a great weekend!


My singing partner and I have just released a promo video for Blue Moon Martini. If you have a moment, please check it out here: 

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5 thoughts on “Simple Addition

  1. on said:

    Lori, Great video. Boy can you sing. Do you have any CD’s that can be purchased?

    Best regards from North Carolina. Susan


    • Thanks so much, Susan! I don’t currently have a CD, but I’m hoping to raise the money to make one in 2016. Unfortunately I don’t have thousands of dollars laying around! A Kickstarter or Go Fund Me campaign might be in the works!


  2. Suzanne on said:

    Thanks for the tip! Love your fashion blog, your style is great and I have incorporated so many of your looks into my wardrobe. Have a blessed day!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stacie on said:

    As I was reading your blog, I thought to myself..”how does she tie that scarf?” and as I scrolled down it was like you read my mind:D

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful colors on you! ……..especially the vibrant blue sweater. I always like seeing all the color in your wardrobe. So many women over a certain age wear so much black. I think black doesn’t look good against most women’s skin. You have to add some color with that black! Thanks for doing that!

    Liked by 1 person

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