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My Journey – Part Five


A sweater like this one is just the right thing for a foggy, rainy day. The grey and yellow brightened up my day nicely and the flowers were just the hint of Spring I needed. I’m having fun with grey combinations – stay tuned for more fun match-ups!

Now more on the journey…

To answer some of your questions, today I’ll talk about the diet portion of my journey. As I mentioned earlier, I started my diet in January of 2012 with a 21 day cleanse. I used the Standard Process program which combined natural supplements with a specific diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and lots of water. I had already eliminated caffeine, aspartame and diet sodas, so I started drinking green tea and using natural sweeteners (Stevia and honey). I also limited my alcohol intake – just for special occasions. I replaced ice cream with frozen yogurt and made smoothies every morning for breakfast (frozen fruit and water, no juice or milk). After the cleanse I stuck to 1200 calories a day, adjusting my calories to compensate for any I burned during exercise. It was a tricky balance, but it paid off. All in all it took about 10 months to lose the 30 pounds. And I can guarantee you every single day was worth it. Now I still adhere to the 1200 calories a day and log everything I eat in the My Fitness Pal app. With continuing my diet and exercise I’ve kept the weight off (at least 25 pounds of it) and feel better than I did in my 40s. Life is good!

Today’s outfit:

Merona grey flowered sweater: Target
Mustard turtleneck knit top: CATO
Jordache denim leggings: Walmart
Bandolino black riding boots: DSW

Have a lovely, healthy day!


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8 thoughts on “My Journey – Part Five

  1. Greta Lundy on said:

    Would like to see something besides, a sweater, jeans and boots.

    From: Style Savvy DFW <> Reply-To: Style Savvy DFW <> Date: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 6:01 AM To: Chan Lundy <> Subject: [New post] My Journey – Part Five

    stylesavvydfw posted: ” A sweater like this one is just the right thing for a foggy, rainy day. The grey and yellow brightened up my day nicely and the flowers were just the hint of Spring I needed. I’m having fun with grey combinations – stay tuned for more fun match-ups! “

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  2. You look great in that yellow/gold color! Take care, God bless..Kathy

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  3. you look amazing! I found your site and started reading and was amazed that I’m doing the same as you!i have been eating healthy and exercising since last March. I’ve lost 42 lbs so far! I too journal with my fitness pal and I just got a fitbit flex! I’m 60 and for the first time in my life feel good about myself and am interested in fashion!
    I love your blog and will keep checking in for inspiration!


  4. Lynne Johnson on said:

    Thanks for your reality check! 10 months to lose 30 pounds. I always expect to lose 1 pound a week. When I don’t, I get frustrated and think I can’t lose weight. I give up too soon! I have 15- 20 pounds to lose. You have taken away my feeble excuse. I’m going to do it and it will just take longer than I expect. By the way, love your blog and you look fantastic!


  5. I’ve just discovered your blog and it’s even better knowing you’re also in the dfw and sharing the same weather. I am not familiar with the Standard Process 21 day cleanse and would love more information as to how to get started. Is it only available through a physician? I live in Keller and am considering using a cleanse to kick start my weight loss…looking to lose between 15-20 pounds.


    • Hi Kathy! I’m so glad you found the blog! The Standard Process 21 day cleanse is available through healthcare professionals. I got mine through my chiropractors office. You can check out the program at standard I didn’t lose a lot of weight on the cleanse (4 pounds), but it definitely helped kick start my diet. Hopefully our paths will cross sometime. I’d love to meet you!


  6. Love your blog. Sweater, jeans/leggings/jeggings and boots are my UNIFORM this time of year. I love fashion and plan/arrange my outfits on Sunday night for the entire week and actually organize my outfits in Pinterest! It has been a huge time saver.

    I am looking forward to seeing your picks for Spring and Summer because I find it more challenging dressing “a little covered up” in 90 degree humid heat in the deep south. Spring/Summer dressing always stymies me a bit. I think you are an inspiration!

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