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My Journey – Part Four


Today’s outfit was surprisingly easy to put together. When I found the grey Jordache Jeans at Walmart a couple of months ago, there was no question they were coming home with me. If Jordache would add more colors this Spring you’d probably see me dancing in the street. I love it when I can walk in, find my size and KNOW they’ll fit. Every time. Fashion Kismet? I think so. The striped T-shirt is a newish addition. I found it on my birthday shopping trip at H&M USA. Comfortable, affordable and pretty darn cute. I’d say it’s a style trifecta!

Now more on the journey…

You’ve all been so kind in your comments – it’s been a huge encouragement to me this week! If this series accomplishes just one thing, I hope it’s to spur you to make positive changes NOW. Don’t wait until you’re five years down the road to lose that weight, get more active or eat healthier. Now is the time! In all honesty, I didn’t think I could lose 30 pounds (my diet history didn’t do much to help), but once I started seeing the pounds come if it was definitely easier. I increased my activity level by adding walking, then running to my routine. The running thing was the biggest change for me – I was never a runner. Never. But a friend challenged me to do a 5k with her, so I signed up for the “Couch to 5k” program and ran my first race in October of 2012. I then ran two more 5k races – exceeding my own goal! It was at this point I knew I had changed my life forever.

Someone asked what I did will all my larger sized clothes – well here’s how I approached that… As I lost pounds (and inches) I was delighted to find that my clothes were getting looser. I also knew I didn’t have a ton of money to replace my wardrobe all at once. While it was very tempting to by a bunch of things when I went from a size 12/14 to and 8/10, I knew I was going to lose more (hope springs eternal, after all!), so I elected to have some of my nicer things tailored. The trick with tailoring is you really can’t take a shirt, pants or skirt down more than one size. I picked a few things and had them taken in, then just worked with what I had. It worked for awhile until I went down to a size 6. Fortunately that was at the end of the summer, so I could add some fall and winter things slowly (and economically). The biggest shock was when I went to put on my (size 10) winter coat and found it literally swallowed me! I was fortunate to find one (size SMALL) on sale and have been wearing it ever since. Once I got to the point of no return I started giving away all my larger sized clothes. I was determined not to keep a “back-up” wardrobe! Out they went to charities and friends. With my wholehearted blessing.

Today’s outfit:

Black striped T-shirt: H&M USA
Jordache grey skinny jeans: Walmart
Anne Klein grey booties: DSW
Scarf: Target

Have a lovely, healthy day!


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3 thoughts on “My Journey – Part Four

  1. on said:

    Fabulous look! Great job!Sent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. . . I’m a fan of your blog and finally got over to hear your music. You have a lovely voice in addition to great style! 🙂

    -Lynn M
    Newberg, Or
    Mother of 3 (pretty much grown) kids, pastor’s wife and RN


  3. Barbara on said:

    I love reading your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your weight loss journey with all of us. It was very encouraging. I am also in the middle of my own journey, so it was very nice to have such an inspirational story.

    Liked by 1 person

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