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My Journey – Part Three


I think one of the things that helped me keep going during my weight loss journey was setting goals. Once I saw that the dieting and exercise was working I decided to challenge myself. I set two very specific (and up to that point unthinkable) goals: Learn to slalom waterski (one ski) and run a 5k race. I learned to waterski (2 skies) when I was in college and had tried unsuccessfully to get up on one ski several times. I always felt overweight and uncoordinated in previous attempts, so just quit trying. Now I had reason to think I could do it. I was improving my physical fitness every time I got on the treadmill or elliptical machine, and eating a healthier diet was making me feel better and better every day. By June I had lost almost 20 pounds! When we left for our annual vacation at Table Rock Lake in Missouri I was feeling pretty confident I would get up on slalom. And I did! It was much easier than I thought, and you can bet I had a huge smile on my face that entire week. I felt good, looked good and it was at point I realized – I could never go back to way I was before. I made the commitment to myself (and AH) that this was a permanent change. It didn’t mean there wouldn’t be challenges or setbacks, but this was a course I was determined to stay on for the rest of my life.

I hope it’s ok if I continue this story for another couple of days. I didn’t realize how good it would feel to share it with y’all…

Today’s outfit:

Converse grey cotton sweater: Target
Jordache skinny jeans: Walmart
Exhileration grey flats: Target
Jewelry: LYDesigns
You might have noticed my black “bracelet”. It’s the FitBit AH bought me for Christmas!

Have a lovely, healthy day!


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9 thoughts on “My Journey – Part Three

  1. Don’t know how you looked before, but you have a stunning figure.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loving your story! Thank you for sharing. And today’s outfit is totally adorable; definitely my style.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Teri Evans on said:

    enjoying .. keep feeding us!

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  4. Cindy a on said:

    I like when blogger are real and authentic. I have recently committed to doing the 5 k with girls on the run. I want to show my third grader I can do it. I also started using the Fitbit. I like how it keeps me accountable and set daily goals or trying to get 500 before.. . Good luck and you look great.

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  5. Kathleen on said:

    I’m loving your story. I think I shared before that I lost around 70 pounds. I did it by watching what I eat. Your story is inspiring me to think about trying to fit in exercise. Thanks!

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  6. Lynne Johnson on said:

    You look fantastic! I think you look at least a decade younger now. I really appreciate your focus on having a chic style on a budget.

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  7. You helped me so much on my weight loss journey – thank you.

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  8. Christine on said:

    Definitely continue your story….thank you!

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  9. Your blog is simply awesome. I too lost 25 lbs on My fitness Pal about 2 yrs ago. This is a great program! Kept weight off for over a year then had back and nerve issues and stopped exercising & watching weight & unfortunately am starting all over again THIS WEEK, I think my guadian angel led me to your blog for hope & inspiration. I’m a retired teacher of 43 yrs, have 2 daughter & 4 little grand boys. I must keep active, healthy & look good for all the right reasons. I love love fashion on a budget & love your style because it’s practical, classy bright & fun. You’re my kind of “girl”!!! Thanks for sharing so much, Lori. Happy 66th birthday to me next Sunday & a new beginning once again. Carol

    Liked by 1 person

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