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NYC Beauty

12.9.14I seem to be stuck on Old Navy right now. This lovely blue sweater is another great cotton addition to my wardrobe. It felt a little bright so I added the darker scarf. I’ll be playing with other combinations – maybe add a shirt or colorful tank top underneath and use a different scarf. That’s the beauty of scarves for winter – they offer a quick change option for pretty much any sweater. Gotta love that.

Have a lovely day!

What I wore:
Blue Cotton Sweater: Old Navy
Jordache dark denim leggings: Walmart
Bandolino brown riding boots: DSW
Scarf: New York Street Vendor
Glasses: Zenni Optical

Frugally yours,


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4 thoughts on “NYC Beauty

  1. Cynthia on said:

    Wow — light bulb moment! I have a cotton long sleeve top and couldn’t figure out how to make it work in winter but now I know I have just the right scarf. You are brilliant!

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  2. Cathy Nickoson on said:

    I am truly enjoying looking at the pics of your outfits! I am 45 years and am in the process of losing 100 pounds through weight loss surgery. I have already lost 82 pounds. With that comes a whole new wardrobe with the new body. Don’t want to buy to much till I’m down to my total weight loss. The one thing in your outfits that I have is the Jordache skinny jeans that you have on a lot of your outfits. I found them on clearance in a store one day for $3.00 a pair. I bought 3 pair. Dark denim, faded denim and black denim. I bought them in size 12 but I was an 18 when I bought the jeans. Love them and also Love Old Navy. I’m enjoying going in the store and able to shop. Have always had to buy plus size online. Scarfs and boots are easy for me to buy now knowing they will always fit even when I get to my goal weight. Thank you so much for alway of your post! I will be watching regularly!
    Cathy Nickoson


    • Hi Cathy! Thanks so much for the comment – and WAY TO GO! Losing weight is so hard – I know from experience. You’ll be so glad you did, though – I’ve kept my weight off for 3 years and am determined never to go back to the “old” me. My writing this blog was actually a byproduct of losing weight and having to completely replace my wardrobe. Keep up the good work!


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