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10.30.14I am happily (you might say giddily) embracing the cooler weather. I know, it’s not quite as cool as our friends up north, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. The ability to throw on a scarf (and not be sweltering within 10 minutes) is a happy feeling I can embrace. I love scarves as accessories so you’ll see them a lot in the coming weeks. They’re soft, colorful and versatile – not to mention an exceptionally affordable accessory! I found this scarf last year and love the combination of blue, orange, green and brown. Perfect Fall colors.

On a personal note, I have worn glasses and/or contacts for a very long time. I’ve always liked finding different, stylish frames but they cost a small fortune (especially with my prescription) so when I started looking for alternatives I was thrilled to find Zenni Optical. It’s the first online place I’ve found that actually offers Progressive Lenses! And the prices are enough to make me do a happy dance. Seriously, they’re that good!  Here’s a sneak peek at the glasses I ordered:

You can click on the photo to go directly to the Zenni Optical website. They are so cute – and BLUE – and I can’t wait to get them. Stay tuned – I guarantee you’ll see them here as soon as they arrive! (Just so you know, I’m getting nothing from this endorsement except the thrill of knowing I might just save you a little money on your next pair of glasses!)

I love all your comments, so please keep them coming!

If you have a minute, would you swing on over and check out my new music site? I just added some new Christmas songs!

What I wore:

Converse knit shirt: Target
Pixie khaki pants: Old Navy
Merona Leopard pumps: Target
Scarf: Target

Frugally yours,


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4 thoughts on “Falling

  1. Sherry C. on said:

    Like the scarf! Loving the cooler weather here in Texas too.


  2. sadietom on said:

    I too wear progressives and discovered Zenni last year. I enjoyed my pair for about a year until they broke but for the price I was still pleased. Be sure to tell your optician to write down all the measurements for you (PD, etc) that may not be included on the copy of the paperwork they give you — it will simplify ordering.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bobbi Jones on said:

    Lori..just wondering what size you wear….you always look great!


    • Hi Bobbi! Like most women, my size varies depending on designer, cut and style of the garment! I have anything from a 2 to a 6 (even one 8) in my closet so I try not to focus too much on “size”. I wear what fits me well and makes me feel good. Before I lost 30 pounds in 2012 I wore sizes 10 to 12 and was almost into a 14. That’s when I changed my life and determined to lose the weight. Now I’m happy where I am, and although it is sometimes a struggle to keep it off it’s definitely worth the effort! Thanks for commenting!


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