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Fall, Finally

 I hesitate to say it, but I think Fall is here. Finally. Today the high was under 80 degrees for the first time so I have a glimmer of hope. I know that probably doesn’t sound like much to those of you in the north/northeast, but it’s awesome for us here in Texas. It’s a breath of relief, for sure and I had to fight the urge to pull out a heavy sweater! I love Fall and Winter, so please bear with me while I rush ahead into sweater weather. I’ll have to hold back for a little while, but I’ll be wearing sweaters as soon as possible. I am, without apology a huge fan of cool weather. Guess maybe I should be living up north. Or something. But for now, I’m in Texas. And as a native Texan, I am happy about that. And thankful our winters are fairly short. A contradiction, but I’m a woman and thereby entitled to change my mind at a moment’s notice.

If you notice something different about my thumbnails, it’s the Jamberry’s I wore to support JDRF Walk for a Cure in Austin on Sunday. Anything for my awesome granddaughter, the lovely Miss Ry!

I love all your comments, so please keep them coming!

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What I wore:

Mossimo sweater: Target
Blue skinny ankle pants: GAP
Anne Klein grey booties: DSW
Scarf: Target
Jewelry: Sample Sale

Frugally yours,


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3 thoughts on “Fall, Finally

  1. This might sound silly, but do you have a problem with things like Jamberry not covering your whole nail? I bought some of the Essie ones you used earlier and didn’t like that you could see the sides of some of my nails where the sticker didn’t cover.


    • Hi Beth! It’s not silly at all! I have had some issues with both Essie and Jamberry not covering the whole nail. It seems to be mainly on my thumbnail, but I wear them anyway and just ignore it. 🙂 If there are any Jamberry reps out there that can help us, please let me know!!


  2. I love the way you tie your scarfs! Would you be able to do a video on this?


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