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Fall Forward



No, the picture above is not me. I wish I was 20-something…well, maybe not. Today I want to talk about inspiration. AH and I took a couple of days off and went to our favorite lake for some last of the season waterskiing so I don’t have an outfit to post – I didn’t think anyone needed to see me in a swimsuit! Now that fall is almost here, I know we’re all getting catalogues and emails with the new collections and wondering “how in the world do I take a runway look and make it appropriate for me?” I feel your pain. The photo above is a great example of a look I love, but wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. It’s awesome, but not for a 55 year old woman. Well, at least not THIS 55 year old woman. So how would I recreate this outfit for moi? Here goes:

-I would keep the leather jacket – AH bought me one at White House/Black Market last year (similar here)
-I’d substitute the printed white sweater for a fitted off white turtleneck – or maybe even a cobalt blue sweater (similar here)
-Trade the short leopard skirt for a longer, pencil skirt (Similar here)
-Keep the black tights and booties
-Add a black scarf if it’s really cold!

I’ll put this outfit together and wear it as soon as the weather cools. I just wanted to give you a little something to think about…

I love all your comments, so please keep them coming!

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2 thoughts on “Fall Forward

  1. There are so many great inspiration photos out there. I look forward to seeing them put together in a way that is fashionable for my age. Sometimes I look at a photo and say “unfortunately, NEVER”, but you have now inspired me to think about it a little differently. Will definitely look forward to seeing your version put together. Thanks!!


  2. Don’t think turtlenecks look good on 50 something’s (yes I am one)..accents the neck and intensifies hot


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