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Honesty moment: There are days when I just don’t know what to write. I realize this isn’t a terribly exciting, but it’s nice and basic. I wore this outfit to work, but it would also work for running errands or even a casual dinner. My kind of ensemble, to be sure.

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What I wore:

Navy striped 3/4 sleeve t-shirt: H&M
Pixie skinny ankle pants: Old Navy (You can find them here and they’re on sale!)
Aerosoles brown wedge sandals: DSW

Frugally yours,


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11 thoughts on “Basic

  1. Sometimes nice and basic is just what’s needed. You add some nice accessories and you’re good to go! Love the wedge sandals!


  2. Kathleen on said:

    I’d love to hear how you organize your clothes, shoes, and accessories. I wear a lot of suits to work and have read I should hang the jackets with other jackets, the skirts with skirts, and the pants with pants.


    • Hi Kathleen, I organize my clothes by type and then color. I do separate suit pieces (I don’t have many now) so that I think “outside” the box and don’t get stuck in a rut. When I change out my clothes for a new season, I put all out of season clothes in another closet, then turn my hangars backwards as I put the current season clothes on the rods. This way, at the end of a season anything I haven’t worn is reevaluated to see if I still really need/want it. I hope this helps!


  3. I love stripes because they add interest to an outfit without all the trouble! I absolutely love your hair style. I’m dying to see the back. Is it layered?


    • Thanks, Melody! I’ll try to get a good photo of the back of my hair the next time I get it trimmed. It is in longer layers – which really helps since my hair is very thick and a bit coarse in texture. I have it thinned as well. I wrestled with getting bangs cut last fall and I’m so glad I did! I think they frame my face much better and give it a little more interest. I’ve had fun playing with different styles, so I love the flexibility!


  4. Love the wedges. I’m not a huge fan of khaki or tan pants. Perhaps it’s my love of color that makes those colors seem so uniform.

    What are you thoughts on options other than skinny jeans. I have heavy thighs so skinny is bad for me but that is all I am finding in the stores. Am I stuck with thrift store shopping for relaxed fit?


  5. Hi Lori! Just found your blog and am happy to find a fashion blog for women over fifty. I’m 55, and run like you. I also quilt and paddleboard. Check out my blog at We seem to have a lot in common. I’m sure I can get some fashion advice from you. Thanks!


    • Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for reading the blog! I checked out your blog and you look as active as I am – which is great for keeping us young. I am a quilter as well (my mom-in-love taught me how to hand quilt years ago), but haven’t done any lately. Maybe you’ll inspire me to pick it up again this winter!


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