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Not So Sure


Ok, so I bought a couple of midi skirts at Stein Mart recently and I have to be honest. I’m not sure how I feel about the length. I almost didn’t post this photo, but I’d like to get some feedback. I can’t decide if it’s the length, the shoes or the outfit in general. Feel free to weigh in – love it or hate it? Better yet, would you wear it?

What I wore:

Cable and Gauge faux wrap top:Stein Mart (You can find it here!)
Black knit skirt: Stein Mart
Kelly & Katie black shoes: DSW
Connections Necklace: Park Lane Jewelry (You can find it here)

Frugally yours,


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13 thoughts on “Not So Sure

  1. Terri on said:

    Think the shoes makes it look frumpy….fun flirty shoes and a short sleeved top and some fun jewelry would perf it up….I miss all the fun jewelry you were wearing.


  2. Terri on said:

    *perk it up….


  3. Friend, I want to be honest with you. I don’t love it. Especially after the super outfits in the last couple of posts. Perhaps pairing it with a cute tank would help something that lightens the feel. There are a number of occasions when this length is suitable. It’s a tough cut to pull off.


  4. I don’t love it either. I think the proportions are wrong. The top with skinny white pants. The full skirt with a slimmer top or short narrow jacket.


    • Ellie on said:

      Your outfits are always so wonderful…this one is an almost..2 thoughts….
      1. with mid or long lengths tuck in the top and belt.
      2. change shoes to a color pop or wedges..
      Thanks for keeping me trending and looking great


  5. Thanks for all the comments! I almost didn’t post this outfit, but wanted to let y’all see I don’t always get it right. Honesty is, after all, the best policy. I promise to get back on track tomorrow…


  6. Karen on said:

    This skirt might be good for the winter with boots but not with this adorable top. Love watching you each day and getting more ideas with my own closet full of clothes. The top would be great with pants. You look fabulous! Keep it up! You are an inspiration to those of us over 50.


  7. Paula on said:

    I love the top! The skirt would be great with something else, perhaps a shorter top of some kind. A tucked in Oxford might be pretty with feminine jewelry. I appreciate the thought provoking question and the willingness to accept input. Keep us the good work!


  8. Stacie on said:

    You have such pretty legs, this length doesn’t do them justice…


  9. Linda Chase on said:

    It is definatelly the shoes. Open lighter shoes might work better. I would weat that skirt with a really shrunken blazer and some strappy wedges I think. Or save it for fall- it would be great with an earthtone sweater and some of your cute boots.


  10. Cheryl on said:

    I must agree with others. This is not one of your better choices. It ages you and you are much too pretty and young looking to age yourself:)


  11. I agree that the skirt might look cute in winter with a belted sweater and boots. It’s too “heavy” for the bright summery top. The top would be great with white skinny jeans and maybe the long silver hoops necklace you wore in a couple other outfits. If you want to try the skirt for summer, I vote pairing it with a slim tank and strappy sandals (not wedges — still too clunky). My $0.02!


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