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About Hair

Have you ever had one of those days? You second guess everything, change outfits multiple times and finally throw up your hands, say “forget it” and give up? Today was one of those days. I don’t have them very often, thank goodness, but they do happen. Those are the days I just don’t want to take a photo. Or write about my outfit. So today we’re going to talk about hair. Mine, in particular.

Shortly after AH and I got married I cut my hair. It had been beautifully long, frosted and layered for the wedding, but I was tired of it and decided to declare my independence and chop it off. From there it was just so easy to keep cutting, so I went short and stayed short for years. My mom was from the old school of “women over 30 shouldn’t wear their hair long” and I bought into the lie. Silly me. Looking back at pictures I groan and wonder what I was thinking. I mean, I have pretty good hair – thick, healthy and fairly easy to work with. Why, oh why did I cut it short?

Fast forward to two years ago. I went on a diet, lost 30 pounds and decided to let my hair grow. At the age of 53. It took a loooonnng time, and I worked with a stylist to create interim styles so I wouldn’t go crazy and yell “CHOP IT OFF!” But I did it. And I’m so glad! Everyone says I look younger (I’ll take that!), It’s really easy to work with (ponytails, braids and messy buns, anyone?) and best of all? AH loves it! I think he secretly preferred my hair long, but was just too sweet to say anything. Love. That. Man.

So today, I offer some before and after hairstyle photos. Oh, and you’ll see a good example of my weight loss adventure as well. Feel free to comment!


5.27.14 Collage Frugally yours,


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8 thoughts on “About Hair

  1. I am inspired by your daily pictures, but today I’m even more inspired about your weight loss. Please share how you achieved such success. I’m struggling. Love your blog!


  2. Love your carefree, muss-free, adventurous approach to style. Thank you for a great blog! I personally like your short styles. I have short hair, also super thick and manageable. Few of us can wear short hair and look good, so I vote for the short! Thanks for asking and putting it out there!


    • Thanks for the comment! I’ll go shorter eventually, but for now I’m enjoying the longer hair. I love being able to experiment with different styles – but we’ll see what happens when we get to mid-July and the worst of the Texas heat!


  3. Cheryl on said:

    I’m so impressed !! You look Marvelous!


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