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Last Saturday I decided I didn’t really care what I wore. I just wanted to be warm. We’d had a cold snap and the temperature didn’t get above 55 degrees all day. So I pulled out some comfy clothes and started my day. I added the scarf just right before I walked out the door because I decided the outfit needed a little something extra. I had to run errands that morning and my first stop was to pick up my co-op order from Urban Acres. When I walked in to pick up my produce every woman in the room commented on my outfit. They loved the shoes, the scarf – even my jeans were appreciated. They wanted to know where I got the jeans and were shocked when I said I found them at Walmart. It was nice to hear the nice comments and just reinforced one thing: It never hurts to put a little effort into what you wear.

What I wore:

Merona dark teal long sleeved t-shirt: Target
Dark tan cardigan sweater: H&M
Jordache ankle skinny dark jeans: Walmart
Merona orange leather ballet flats: Target
Scarf: Target

Frugally yours,


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