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Just Perfect


4.7.14 Inspiration


4.3.14 necklace

I honestly don’t remember the last time I’ve gotten so many compliments on an outfit. Seriously, I didn’t think it was that special but it seemed every time I turned around someone was telling me how much they liked this combination. Maybe it was the simplicity of beige and white. Maybe it was the pearls and gold chains. Whatever it was, I need to find the magic formula. Soon.

Again, I used the inspiration photo as a jumping off place for items I already had in my closet. I think mine is more “age appropriate”, but still on trend for Spring. It was the perfect excuse to pull out the white pants I’ve been waiting to wear. What do you think? Is this a look you would wear?

What I wore:

Beige cotton sweater: The LOFT Outlet
Merona white cotton button down shirt: Target
Jordache skinny ankle jeans: Walmart
Comfort by Predictions nude pumps: Payless Shoe Source
Gold Chains: LYDesign
Pearl strands: Claire’s Accessories

Frugally yours,


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9 thoughts on “Just Perfect

  1. Thanks so much for creating such wonderful outfits. You’re an inspiration to re-examine what is in the closet and what can be created (without going broke!).


  2. on said:

    Looks great! You’ve got me thinking I need to head to Walmart to check out the Jordache jeans. Linda


  3. Linda Chase on said:

    I would certainly wear this outfit- I am already thinking what components I have. I love that you added the necklaces. It makes the inspiration look like it is missing something. I also think I would try this with some sandals during the summer. I have some great cork and gold ones that just might work. Thanks for the great ideas!


  4. Lynne Johnson on said:

    Help! Could you talk about how you layer? I don’t seem to feel comfortable with my shirt and sweater combos. The shirt always feels constricting. Do you buy the sweater larger so that it will go over the shirt? Does the sweater still fit you without the shirt? I can see why you got so many compliments….such a classy look!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lynne! Layering can definitely be tricky. One thing I have done is to put a camisole over the shirt before putting on the sweater. It smooths things out nicely and pretty much eliminates bumps. I don’t normally buy a sweater that’s larger, but I do use sweaters that aren’t fitted when layering. This particular sweater is a nice lightweight knit with just enough room for the shirt. I hope this helps!


      • Lynne Johnson on said:

        Wearing a camisole over the shirt sounds like a super idea! I think that would take care of some of the problems I’m experiencing. Thanks again!


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