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Purple Haze


Brrrrrrr. It’s so cold. This time of year we’re usually in the mid-50s during the day, so when today’s high was 28, well that’s just cold. So again, layers were in order. I actually wore tights under my jeans! I love this purple sweater. It’s too itchy to wear alone, so the purple turtleneck is the perfect layer to keep my itch free all day. The scarf was a gift from a co-worker and I love all the gorgeous colors. It’s a versatile accessory that you’ve seen here time and again, but I never get tired of finding new ways to wear it!

What I wore:
Merona purple 3/4 sleeve sweater: Target
Merona purple turtleneck: Target
Jordache black denim leggings: Walmart
Black leather boots: White House Black Market
Scarf: Target

Frugally yours,


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