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This is turning out to be my favorite fashion topic. Pattern mixing. If you’re tired of reading about it, be patient – I’ll move on soon. For now I’m just having fun with different combinations. It’s been a great way to incorporate some underused items into my rotation. And it’s FUN!! I guess it’s the rebel in me, but mixing patterns has been quite liberating. Breaking the rules, flying in the face of conventional fashion ideas (at least the ones I remember from my childhood). My mom is probably rolling her eyes at me from her spot in heaven. But that’s ok. I’m 55 years old now. I can dress the way I want! Within reason…

I chose this particular combination because of the gold in the blue printed shirt. It’s just enough so that the gold stripe really brings it out. Adding the gold chains just helps pull it all together. I haven’t worn these boot cut jeans in awhile – I think I may need to add them more frequently to the rotation.

What I wore:
Floral shirt: Ross
Merona striped cotton sweater: Target
Denizen boot cut jeans: Target
Anne Klein iFlex brown booties: DSW

Frugally yours,


My Pattern Mixing obsession even has it’s own Pinterest Board. Check it out!  Style Savvy DFW Pinterest


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