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Dressing Up


Dressing up can be fun. It can also be a pain in the…well, you know. What’s appropriate? What does “after 5” even mean anymore? What does “dressy casual” mean? We went to a club dinner last weekend and I went through probably 5 different outfits before deciding on this one. It was kind of funny because after choosing this particular ensemble I almost changed clothes right before walking out the door. I was that unsure of myself! Once I got to the dinner I saw everything from cocktail dresses to pant suits – and everything in between. Once again, the common color was black so I was very glad I went with purple. With the black cardigan. Oh, black, you are the great equalizing color.

What I wore:
Sequin tank top: Walmart (yes, Walmart)
Purple knit skirt: The LOFT
Merona purple tights: Target
Merona black cardigan: Target
Nine West black booties: DSW

Frugally yours,


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