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Mixing Patterns: Rule Breaker



Rule breaking is fun. Especially when it happens to be “fashion rules”! How many of you grew up following the following rules:

>No white before Easter or after Labor Day
>You must cut your hair short after age 30
>Don’t mix patterns
>Shoes and bags should always match
>Never wear black with brown or navy
>Never mix metals in jewelry
>Never wear tights with open toed shoes

I could go on, but you get the idea. I can still hear my mom asking if I put on lipstick before leaving the house! I’m so glad the “rules” are breakable now. Especially the one about mixing patterns. I’ve loved seeing different combinations on Pinterest and decided to experiment some myself.

Today I decided to mix a striped sweater with a flower printed shirt. From the compliments I received I’m guessing it was a success. How about you? Have you tried mixing patterns yet? You should!!

What I wore:
Flower print button down shirt: Old Navy
Tan striped cotton sweater: Old Navy
Jordache denim leggings: Walmart
Anne Klein iFlex brown booties: DSW
Mixed gold necklaces: Various

Frugally yours,


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2 thoughts on “Mixing Patterns: Rule Breaker

  1. Linda Chase on said:

    OMG- I grew up with exactly the same rules! I still find it hard to wear a dress and no hosiery. I remember the first time I saw a runway pic of mixed patterns, I actually got a stomach ache, whether from offended sensibilites or fear I am still not sure. Now I am doing it myself, though on a small scale. Love your floral and stripe. This has become so attractive looking to me, though my aunties are probably revolving in their graves.


  2. Sue Nations on said:

    This outfit is really cute!


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