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Risk Taker?

1.7.14I decided to get a little more adventurous today and really mix some patterns! I love this striped cotton sweater from Target, but couldn’t decide on what solid color scarf to wear with it. Then I remembered some things I’d pinned recently on my Winter style board and thought “what the heck”! I have nothing to lose with trying!

I’m going to go out on a limb and challenge you this week. Try something new! Wear a different color combination than you’re used to. Mix some patterns. Bust out of your fashion box and take a little risk. If you don’t like the result you don’t have to leave the house in that outfit. You can always change. But you’ll never know something will work if you don’t try. I got tons of compliments on my outfit today – and even one “wow, I never would have thought of that, but I like it!” And it felt really good.

What I wore:
Merona black and white striped cotton sweater: Target
Merona green cotton tank: Target
Jordache dark denim leggings: Walmart
Nine West black booties: DSW
Scarf: Target

Frugally yours,


Here’s the inspiration photo for today:

f3a93a994e93bace3f047797694450dcI just discovered this blog and it’s really great. Check it out!

If you need more inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards!


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3 thoughts on “Risk Taker?

  1. cadyetx on said:

    How do you layer without looking bulky? I wear one layer and look bulky!


    • What a great question! The trick is in the fit of the layers. I always wear a “snug” or fitted layer first. One thing I’ve seen on Pinterest is to wear a tank top over a button shirt, then top with a sweater. That way everything lays flat and doesn’t look bulky. Make sense? Keep trying! You’ll find a look that works for you. Thanks for reading! Lori


  2. cadyetx on said:

    Brilliant. Thanks!


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