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1.6.14Ok, I’ll be honest. I bought this dress back in September and almost regretted it. I loved it in the store, but got it home and thought “How the heck am I going to wear this? And WHERE?? It hung there in my closet, almost mocking me for almost 4 months. I’m sure you’ve never had that happen to you…

But then my husband’s company Christmas party was postponed due to weather and I happened (??) to find tights that were the same color blue/purple as the accent stripes. How’s that for kismet? I played with different boots and shoes until my awesome husband (AH) said “I like the black ones”. Done and done.

Office Christmas parties are tricky when it comes to deciding what to wear. You see just about everything from jeans to sparkly cocktail dresses and pretty much everything in between. What I saw at this party was really interesting. Out of about 200 women I was only one of a very few wearing any kind of bright color! There was lots of black. Lots. Of. Black. I would say probably 90% of the women in the room were wearing black. I saw a blue and a couple of purples, but that was it. I was so glad I went with color!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have a lot of black in my wardrobe. I like black. It’s slimming. Easy to wear. And looks good on most everyone. But I have to catch myself when looking for dressy outfits because I will automatically default to black. It’s a habit I intend to break this year. Not that I’ll stop wearing black, but I will be focusing on more color in future purchases. Starting now.

What I wore:
Orange and Blue Chevron dress: Sample Sale
Merona blue tights: Target
Black leather boots: White House/Black Market
Gold necklaces: LYDesigns
Gold earrings: Charming Charlie
Gold bracelet: Charming Charlie

Frugally yours,


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