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Black Friday


The day after Thanksgiving is usually a day I avoid shopping like the plague. I don’t like crowds, and there’s really thing I need bad enough to brave the thundering hoards at the mall. In fact, as a matter of principal I avoid the mall altogether from November through December. It’s just not worth the stress. So when my daughters wanted to go shopping last Friday I wasn’t too excited, but went on the condition we wouldn’t come within 5 miles of a mall. Any mall.

Thankfully we just went to Payless and Charming Charlie, but that was enough for me. I knew it was imperative to be comfortable so opted for my denim leggings, flannel shirt and black vest. The photos are thanks to the lovely Mrs. K. She started snapping photos as soon as we walked out the door and pretty much dared me to add some of her favorite shots to the blog. You’re welcome.

Today’s outfit:
Red checked flannel shirt: Old Navy
White Stag vest: Walmart
Jordache denim leggings: Walmart
Green scarf: Charming Charlie
Black flat boots: DSW

Frugally yours,





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