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Pops of color


A pop of color can brighten a dreary, cold day in an instant. My preferred “pop” color is red! Reds can be a little tricky – they can range from blue/cool red to warm/orange red and pretty much every hue in between. I tend to wear more red/orange since it looks better with my skin tone. I’ve found that the red/blue hues wash me out so I try to stay away from them. It’s amazing what a subtle change in color can make against your skin!

It’s pretty cold here today (high of only 45) so I needed warm layers. I love the black and white cardigan and wanted to experiment by pairing it with my olive pants. I had a chambray shirt on first, but it was a little too busy for me, so I opted for a simple black t-shirt instead. It’s a little less bulky and actually warmer since it fits closer to the body. I tried tucking the pants into the boots, but it looked a little too military so I just cuffed them instead. Overall I like this outfit because it fits my main criteria. It. Doesn’t. Itch!

Today’s outfit:

Say What? Black and White tribal print cardigan: Ross
Merona black t-shirt: Target
Democracy Olive pants: Ross
Red scarf: Target
Black boots: DSW

Frugally yours,



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