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I’m so glad winter is finally here! I love cold weather (we’ll see how long my enthusiasm lasts…) because I love sweaters, boots and scarves. I love sitting by the fire drinking hot tea with a good book on a rainy afternoon. Oh, and Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday!

The key to winter dressing is layers. I don’t have a lot of bulky sweaters because it just doesn’t get freezing cold (for very long, anyway) in Texas. I’ve never been a huge fan of wool (it’s too itchy), so cotton sweaters are my preferred layering pieces. You’ve seen my statement necklace collection, so now you’ll get to see my scarf collection. I like to wear scarves in winter the way I wear statement necklaces the rest of the year. Layered. Any now that I’m on the mixing patterns bandwagon you’ll be seeing some interesting combinations!

Today’s outfit is, again, a little out of my comfort zone. I almost put two solid scarves together but decided it was a little boring so out came the leopard print. Makes the whole thing a little more interesting, don’t you think?

Today’s outfit:

Merona striped cotton sweater: Target
Merona black turtleneck: Target
Jordache denim leggings: Walmart
Scarves: Target
Brown boots: DSW

Frugally yours,



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