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Challenge – Part 2


I know closet organizing is right up there with getting a root canal, but I promise if you do it you’ll be much happier! Once you’ve tried on everything and determined what stays and what goes, you’re ready to move on to Phase 2!

The first order of business is to organize. I know, it sounds like a huge task and it can be, but take baby steps and you’ll get there. I find it’s helpful to color block my closet. I put all shades of a color together (red/orange, blue/purple, brown/tan, etc). I tend to gravitate toward color more than a specific clothing item, so this works best for me. I also separate and color block by category (shirts/sweaters, skirts and pants/jeans).

Now that you know what you have to work with you can start putting outfits together! This is where Pinterest boards are such a huge help. I need to “see” what works together so I put a multi-hook hanger on my closet door. This way I can hang several pieces together along with accessories for no-brainer dressing each morning.

Today’s outfit is so simple, but so comfortable! The blue sweater was purchased last year at Ann Taylor Loft (clearance – $9.00!!!) and is a great weight for layering. It’s wonderful for those days that I’m feeling a little muffin-toppy… I think you know what I mean…

Today’s outfit:
Blue cotton sweater: The LOFT
Diva boot cut khaki’s – Old Navy
Scarf: Target
Black leather booties: DSW

Frugally yours,



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