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Purple Haze


Wow, when it decides to get cold in Texas it doesn’t mess around! Brrrrrrr…. Today’s outfit needed to be really warm – since the temps didn’t get out of the 40’s all day. For those of you in colder climates you might think that’s a balmy day, well we’re quite honestly (and happily) thin blooded here in the south! Layering is the key for days like to day, so I doubled up on my purple and paired a purple turtleneck with a loose knit purple sweater – I love this color!! On its’ own the sweater would be itchy, but the turtleneck takes care of that issue. Besides, I like the fact that the colors are just a bit different – it adds dimension.

About the skinny jeans. Does anyone remember Jordache jeans??? I wore Jordache jeans in junior high and high school and honestly hadn’t looked for them since then. On my recent hunt for a higher-waisted skinny jean (at Walmart, no less) I found these and wow! I’m impressed! They’re a little higher than the Levi’s skinnies I wore last week (also from Walmart) and the super dark blue almost reads black. They are stretchy without stretching out of shape and extremely comfortable. The fact that they were under $20? Well that’s just the whipped cream on my hot chocolate, now isn’t it?

Today’s Outfit:
Mossimo loose knit sweater: Target
Merona purple knit turtleneck: Target
Jordache skinny jeans: Walmart
Black leather boots: White House/Black Market
Yurman inspired necklace: Sam Moon

Frugally yours,



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One thought on “Purple Haze

  1. I love that shade of purple too!

    Hugs, kisses and a great big THANK YOU!!! to Lori for her expert help last Friday. We did a closet cleanse and unearthed things I hadn’t seen in years, then we created new outfits. Going shopping in your own closet is fun and great on your pocketbook! And color blocking your closet is most helpful!

    If you are in a fashion funk, you simply must call Lori and make an appointment!

    Lori, you jump started my creative juices! Thank you for sharing your expertise and your Pintrist! You are an invaluable resourse and inspiration! – Keep blogging!

    Thank you,


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