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I used to be a strict fashion rule follower. No white after Labor Day or before Easter. Always wore pantyhose with dresses. A woman over 40 should always have short hair. You know the drill. If you grew up in the 60s and watched your mom struggle into a girdle you know where I’m coming from. I’m so glad those days are over. Today I’m breaking another “rule” – I’m actually wearing black AND brown together!! Please don’t be too shocked. It’s really ok, I promise. I’ve been seeing this look a lot lately on Pinterest so I thought I’d take a chance and duplicate an inspiration photo I found yesterday. I’ve already received compliments on my outfit – including a “cute, Mom!” from the lovely Mrs. K. I’d say that’s a good barometer of a successful outfit.

Do you wear black and brown together?

Black lace skater dress: White House Black Market
Oatmeal cardigan sweater: H&M
Brown boots: DSW
Jewelry: Sam Moon

Frugally yours,

Here’s the inspiration photo:

Inspiration photo

Need more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest boards:


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4 thoughts on “No rules

  1. Funny, I never knew you weren’t supposed to wear black and brown together! The two colors make a great combo in my opinion (as evidenced by both your outfit and the Pinterest inspirational ensemble)!


  2. Linda Chase on said:

    I know exactly where you are coming from Lori- in fact I was brought up not to wear white before Memorial Day, but it was in the north east in a cooler climate than Texas. I just started flouting this “rule” myself. Today for my grandson’s school event I wore black skinnies and brown booties with a leopard shirt and mustard blazer- I felt very daring I can tell you. I don’t know if it was as successful as your outfit (which looks great), but I was happy with it. I think you did a great job adapting the inspiration picture.


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