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Ode to Flannel


Ode to flannel

You keep me warm when days are cold
And come in colors pastel to bold
Your cozy softness comforts me
When winter brings a cold north breeze

In shirts or sheets or blankets warm
We snuggle, feeling safe from harm
As chill winds race through months of winter
Like a runner, no, a sprinter

We love you flannel, and welcome you
Into our closets old and new
For us to wear and cozy up
With hot tea or cocoa in our cups.

I actually wrote this for the lovely Mrs. O – a woman who loves flannel more than anyone I know.

My outfit today has been referred to as “lumberjack chic” and “country club horseback rider”. I’m not sure which I like better… Regardless, I had to put the pearls with it just because I can. And the boots? Well they just looked better than the black flat boots I put on first. I needed to feel taller today.

Today’s outfit:

Herringbone blazer: H&M
Merona flannel shirt: Target
Levi’s skinny jeans: Kohl’s
Black boots: DSW
Pearl strands: Claire’s

Frugally yours,



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