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Busy Days


Busy days require a certain type of outfit. It must be cute (naturally), easy to wear and require very little fuss. I usually reach for jeans on days like this and today was no exception. I knew I would be running around a lot so I definitely wanted to be comfortable. It was a little cloudy and grey outside so color was a definite must as well. I didn’t want to mess with a coat so layering was also a consideration. Who knew putting together an outfit could take so much thought?? Whew!

I opted for the green shirt because didn’t need to be ironed (thanks, Coldwater Creek for created a true “no-iron” shirt!!) and the grey sweater is cotton so it breathes. The black short boots used to be comfortable, but after wearing them for a few hours I realized they are now too big and thus made my feet hurt. Bummer. Lesson learned.

How do you dress for a busy day?

Today’s outfit:
Green ¾ sleeved green shirt: Coldwater Creek
Converse grey cotton sweater: Target
Merona boot cut jeans: Target
Nine West black boots: DSW

Frugally yours,



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