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How long has it been since you cleaned out your closet? I mean really, deep down, purged. It can be challenging to attack what looks to be a hopeless mess, but it can (and should) be done regularly. If you frequently walk into your closet, stare blankly at the multitude of shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, etc. and exclaim with exasperation “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!”, it might be time for an intervention!

I did two closet edits over the weekend – one for a client and one for my oldest daughter (the lovely Mrs. G). I always enjoy closet review/edits because it’s awesome to see the results – a happy, well-dressed woman who is no longer afraid of getting dressed in the morning! The closet edit for Mrs. G was in Austin and I took Mrs. K with me – we kind of tag-teamed and made it a fun girl’s night. We drank wine, laughed and talked while purging several trash bags full of clothes. Once we had everything reorganized, we started putting together outfits, photographing each one for future reference. With just three pairs of dress slacks, a black pencil skirt, a colorful tweed skirt and a small selection of sweaters, blouses and t-shirts we created a great selection of over 50 outfits!

Last night I had Mrs. K come help me with my own closet purge. It’s really cathartic to know that everything in my closet fits – and I now have more outfits than even I imagined possible. Some of the new outfits are a little out of my comfort zone (just being honest here), but I’m committed to trying them and taking some risks. It’s also great to know I don’t have to buy any new clothes for fall. I literally have enough outfit ideas to last all the way through the end of November without repeating any!

Today’s outfit is a result of last night’s work. What do you think??

Mossimo polka dot shirt: Target
Mossimo gold boyfriend sweater: Target
Mossimo black cropped pants: Target
Yellow printed scarf: Target
Comfort Plus black pumps: Payless

Frugally yours,


P.S. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and would like to schedule an appointment for a Closet Edit/Review let me know! Email me at or check out the services and pricing page:


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