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Color Blocking


Color blocking is one way to punch up your outfits. You can see examples in just about every clothing store, but sometimes it’s a little intimidating to take the plunge and actually wear a color blocked ensemble. As with most things, it’s usually easier to start slow and work your way into a full on color explosion. Take today’s outfit for example. I chose colors that complimented and were more muted than bright. I’ve always loved blue and green together so it was a very natural combination for me. The leopard shoes were a must because they add a little interest to the look. I tried several necklace combinations before opting for the understated silver one.

I’ll be doing more experimenting with color blocking in the coming weeks – stay tuned!

Today’s outfit:

Blue cotton sweater: The LOFT
Merona green cropped pants: Target
Merona leopard print shoes: Target
Silver statement necklace: Sam Moon
Silver bracelet: Sam Moon

Frugally yours,


P.S. Mrs. K has been my photographer recently and it’s been lovely having her help. This morning she kept making me laugh which is the reason for my scrunched up looking face. Below is the result of her telling me to “sass it up”. Oh me…



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