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Ok, it’s honesty time here at Style Savvy DFW. I walked into my closet this morning and literally could not find. Anything. To. Wear. Everything looked awful on the hangar and even worse on my body. It took probably 3 changes of clothes and multiple outfit combinations to decide what to wear. So how did I finally decide? I picked the shoes I wanted to wear and literally worked from the bottom up.
I haven’t worn these shoes in a long time (and I don’t think, ever on the blog) – so long, in fact they actually had dust on them. It’s a shame, too because they are so darn cute. But there they were, abandoned and unloved in the top pockets of my shoe hanger. Just waiting for me to put them on and let them do what shoes do best. Make my day a little brighter. Ok, so it’s not shoes that really make me happy but they definitely help! I have several pairs of “happy shoes” and these little beauties definitely qualify.

This no-iron shirt from Coldwater Creek also makes me happy. Because it really is NO IRON. It washes and dries like a dream and makes my life better in the process. I hate feeling rumpled and wrinkled at the end of a long day so anything that stays nice and crisp gets an A+ in my book!

Today’s outfit:
No-iron green three-quarter sleeve shirt: Coldwater Creek
Merona khaki skinny cropped pants: Target
Nine West patterned pumps: DSW
Multi-color statement necklace: Suzy Q
Gold earrings: Charming Charlie

Frugally yours,



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