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Ah, Dresses


Ah, dresses. That ever elusive but incredibly useful piece of clothing. Finding the “perfect” dress is, quite frankly, right up there with finding the perfect pair of shoes. Or the perfect handbag. Sometimes it just falls in your lap when you’re not even looking. You didn’t even realize you wanted that dress, pair of shoes or handbag. You just knew. Today’s dress was like that for me.

I love knit dresses, but they can be tricky. Too tight and you look like a sausage. Too loose and you look like you were styled by a tent maker. Pattern or no pattern? Decisions, decisions. I happened onto this particular little gem of a dress at Ross. I wasn’t sure of the pattern at first – I was afraid it would be too much on my petite frame. But when I saw the $15.99 price tag I figured it was worth at least trying on! I think it hits all the right notes – nice color combination, flattering A-line style looks great with a belt and I have several necklaces that will look great with it. I’m even considering adding a black blazer, tights and boots for Fall. Look at me! Taking fashion risks and everything!

Today’s outfit:
Knit Tank dress: Ross
Comfort Plus by Predictions nude pumps: Payless
Two strands of pearls: Claire’s Accessories
Yellow Statement Necklace: CATO

Frugally yours,


Here’s a closeup of the necklaces:
8.18.13 necklace


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2 thoughts on “Ah, Dresses

  1. That is such a classy look at such an amazing price. It will definitely work in the fall/winter too. You’ve got me thinking about wearing belts I already have with my dresses. You’ve also inspired me and my friend to check out a few stores that I never thought of shopping in, like Payless and Charming Charlie’s (love their clearance sales).

    Unrelated, but on an earlier post, you talked about wanting your white crochet tank in other colors. You should look at Christopher and Banks online (I didn’t want to post the link here). I just saw a similar shirt on their site and it also comes in black and navy along with white. It was 60% off $37.


    • Thanks, Beth! I’ll definitely check out Christopher and Banks online – I appreciate the tip!

      I’m so glad you’ve been inspired to expand your shopping horizons. Charming Charlie has some great clothes and shoes in addition to their jewelry and handbags.

      Happy shopping!


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