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I never thought I would get tired of wearing jeans to work, but it’s happened. When I was working in “corporate America” I had to wear suits or dresses pretty much every day. I enjoy dressing up, but every day gets a little old. I’m grateful for my very casual office and the ability to wear pretty much whatever I want. The challenge is to still look put together in a casual environment. I’ve never felt comfortable in a plain t-shirt and jeans – I guess it’s that corporate mindset still hanging on.

Today I opted for khaki’s and sleeveless denim shirt. Casual, but still what I consider “office appropriate”. If you can wear more casual styles to work, khakis are a great alternative to jeans. I found these at The LOFT Outlet after an extensive search. They’re comfortable and fit really well (and don’t sit too low on my hips!) I’m sure I’ll go back to my jeans soon, but I’m challenging myself to mix it up a little more.

Today’s outfit:
Merona Denim knit shirt: Target
Khaki slacks: The LOFT Outlet
Aerosoles brown wedge sandals: DSW
Orange belt: Charming Charlie
Orange bubble necklace: J Crew Outlet

Frugally yours,


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