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I don’t want to belabor this point, but accessories can make or break an outfit. Today is a great example. The neutral top, pants and shoes would be uber boring by themselves. I could have added a scarf (if it wasn’t 100+ degrees today), but opted for the layered necklaces instead. The colors are subtle – not bright – so the difference isn’t so jarring. I love the two necklaces together, and even though the blue/green isn’t an exact match they work really well together.

This was actually the third outfit I tried on today. I didn’t have time last night to put anything together and I was running late today – not a good combination. I threw this on after the other outfits just weren’t cutting it. Ever had one of those days?
A quick word about these pants: I now have these Merona skinny ankle pants in 4 colors. They are wonderful – the fabric is great and they don’t stretch out too much.

Today’s outfit:
Beige cotton sweater: The LOFT
White cami: Ann Taylor Outlet
Mossimo Khaki skinny ankle pants: Target
Antonio Melani brown shoes: Dillards (about 5 years ago!)
Coral necklace: CATO
Blue-green bubble necklace: J Crew Outlet

Frugally yours,


Necklace combination:

8.13.13 close up


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2 thoughts on “Accessories

  1. Kathleen on said:

    Hi Lori,

    Just curious. Are you wearing two necklaces and a pin? Or is the flower (the pin) part of one of the necklaces?

    And yes, I’ve had LOTS of mornings I couldn’t figure out what to wear, but I can HONESTLY say far fewer since I started reading your blog.



    • Hi Kathleen! It is two necklaces. The coral and green necklace came from Cato and the bubble necklace is from J Crew Outlet.

      I’m so glad the blog has been inspirational. I have a great time putting the outfits together every day. Keep reading!



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