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Scorching Days

I don’t normally share much about my personal life, but this is a story worth telling…

What do you wear when you know the day is going to be boiling hot and you’re going to be outside? Sometimes a sundress, sometimes shorts – never jeans. At least not for me. In Texas. In August. Today’s outfit needed to be comfortable and cool enough for an excursion to Canton, Texas for First Monday Trade Days. I know, I’m crazy but D1 and a friend wanted to go, so off we went.

We arrived a 9:00AM and set out to find as much shade as possible. We wandered through the aisles, perusing all the lovely “deluxe junk” and enjoying some very interesting people watching. By noon we were ready to head home – until my car decided not to start. Three and a half hours later a tow truck finally arrived, but some very kind strangers had offered us shade, water and even their air conditioned truck for us to wait in so we weren’t totally scorched. Needless to say the day put my clothing choices to the ultimate test!

While I was considerably rumpled looking and in sore need of a shower by the time we made it home I was grateful for the kindness of strangers, roadside assistance, tow truck drivers, a good sense of humor and air conditioning!

Today’s outfit:
Merona sleeveless top: Target
Green shorts: The LOFT Outlet
Sperry Topsiders: DSW

Frugally yours,



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