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It’s always amusing when I wear a skirt to work. My office is very casual so my usual uniform is jeans but today I just wanted to wear a skirt. I received many compliments – and a few “what time is your interview?” questions. Oh well, this skirt makes me happy so it was worth it!

When I started putting this outfit together I started with the skirt and white tank. I decided it looked a little bland so I tried adding a thin turquoise belt. That didn’t work so I added the blue sweater. The unbuttoned cardigan was a bit sloppy/slouchy for my taste so I buttoned the sweater and added the belt. I initially put on blue flats but settled on the brown wedges. Earrings and necklace were last – and an outfit was born.

My point is this; sometimes you have to try different combinations to find your perfect outfit. Shopping your closet means you put pieces in different configurations until you come up with a combination that works for you. It might mean taking and evening (or Saturday) and trying things on, but it’s well worth the time and effort. When you find an outfit that works, take a photo! This way you’ll remember it the next time you’re pressed for time. When you see an outfit you like (in a magazine, store, wherever) take a photo with your smart phone! Peruse Pinterest for ideas and then create inspiration boards. You can follow my boards to get started:

Before your next clothes shopping excursion make a list of completer pieces you need: black/neutral blazer, denim jacket, neutral pants, colorful blouse, great statement necklace, etc. You can find excellent staple items at Target, Ross, Coldwater Creek, Dress Barn, CATO, The LOFT Outlet – the list is endless!
Shopping your closet is a great way to bring new life to your wardrobe. I’m sure there are great pieces just waiting for you to put them together like a happy little family. I’d love to see photos of your next great outfit!

Today’s outfit:
Merona blue cardigan: Target
Merona white tank: Target
Merona pencil skirt: Target
Brown belt: Target
Aerosoles brown wedge sandals: DSW
Silver necklace: Sam Moon (

Frugally yours,


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2 thoughts on “Shop your closet!

  1. LOVE this outfit! I would never think of belting a cardigan, or even pairing a cardigan with a bright summer skirt. The outfit is fantastic and will definitely have me experimenting more with different pieces.


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