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Wear it again

After the response to the “Minty Fresh” post yesterday I decided to take a look at some of my other outfits with my favorite black and white striped shirt. Wow – I really have worn it a lot!

So, for your viewing pleasure, a look back at how I’ve worn my striped shirt…

Striped shirt







As you can see, this shirt can be worn so many different ways! That’s the beauty of a wardrobe staple – it should go with at LEAST 4 different items in your closet. I still have more outfits in the pipeline for this shirt, so stay tuned!

On a side note – wow, my hair has grown! I’m still committed to growing it out, but it can be challenging at times. At least now it’s officially ponytail length for those days when I don’t have time to do anything else with it.

Frugally yours,

One more thing…I realized shortly after buying this shirt how much I was going to wear it so I went back and bought another one. The spare is now sitting in a drawer just waiting for the day I wear this one out – or it gets an unwashable stain. Since it was only $13.00 I figured it was a good investment!

Black and white striped t-shirt: H&M
Democracy Olive pants: Ross
Black knit maxi skirt: CATO
Denim Jacket: GAP Outlet
Black walking shorts: The LOFT Outlet
Black blazer: J Crew Outlet
Merona jeans: Target
Mint skinny pants: Target
Aerosoles black wedge sandals: DSW
Black flats: Target
Scarves: Target
Yellow necklace: CATO
Pink bubble necklace: J Crew Outlet
Yellow leather belt: Target
Black and white flats: Payless


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