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When I accepted a friend’s challenge to write a “style blog” this past February I had no idea what I was signing up for. My fear was that no one would read my posts (after all, I’m just a 54 year old woman who loves clothes), I wouldn’t be able to keep up with writing 5 days a week or I’d get a bunch of negative comments and end up crying in a corner.

My fears were unfounded and the response has simply been overwhelming! As of today we’ve reached over 14,000 views in just 6 short months! I never expected to see readers from all over the world (85 countries!) and almost 500 followers. I am humbled by your taking the time to read my blogs, comment, ask questions and let me know that I’m not wasting my time!

I’ll be announcing a reader contest in the next few weeks – so stay tuned! I am forever grateful to you, faithful readers – you have no idea how much it means that you return to Style Savvy DFW day after day.

Frugally yours,


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4 thoughts on “THANK YOU!!!!!

  1. Kathleen on said:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! So THANK YOU! I found it a few weeks ago and have shared it with several friends. I liked yesterday’s post when you had both your photo and the inspiration photo. Like you I am over 50, have recently lost some weight (over 65 pounds), and LOVE CLOTHES!


    • Thank you, Kathleen! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed reading the blog. And good for you losing weight! It can be challenging to figure out how to clothe you new body – I can definitely relate. If you have any questions or more comments I’d love to hear from you again!



  2. I’m one of Kathleen’s (comment above) friends and I too love your blog. I am also over 50 and have lost over 50 pounds over the past year so clothes shopping is fun again! I love how you say to make sure you can wear a new item with multiple items. I tend to buy prints that one go with one thing and wonder why I feel like I have nothing to wear. This week, I bought a Liz Claiborne navy shirt with a tiny gold stripe in it (at a thrift store for $2) based on your love of striped tops. I wore it with white shorts, sandals and a hot pink statement necklace. I felt great, didn’t feel like I was trying too hard and was comfortable all because of your inspiration. Keep up the good work! Too bad you live far away; we’d love to go shopping with you!


    • Hi Beth! I’m so glad you like the blog! It can be a real challenge to dress a new body – especially when we’re over 50. I’ve found mixing things up keeps my wardrobe fresh and means I don’t have to buy new things all the time – definitely much kinder to my budget. I’ll keep writing if you and Kathleen keep reading – and letting me know how you’re doing!


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