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Summer Days

I have a love/hate relationship with skirts. On the one hand I like how they can dress up a simple tank top and look nicer than shorts. On the other hand, finding skirts that are the right length can be a frustrating proposition. I prefer my skirts just a bit longer than the one in today’s outfit, but since I wasn’t going to be doing any gymnastic moves during the day I figured it was ok. I found the skirt at White House/Black Market at the end of last summer on clearance (two of my favorite words!) and couldn’t pass it up. I’ve worn it several times so my cost-use ratio is going down! I knew I was going to be outside quite a bit during the day and wanted to be as cool as possible so the tank top was a must. I love these tanks from Target – the shoulders are just wide enough to hide bra straps (a definite plus) and the little bit of gathering on the v-neck gives it a little dressier feel. I love the multi-color wedges, but I changed to some red flats later in the day.

Do you wear skirts? If so, where do you find yours and what length do you prefer? Knee length? Just above the knee? I’d love to hear from you!

Today’s outfit:
Merona red tank top: Target
Light khaki skirt: White House/Black Market
American Eagle multi colored wedges: Payless Shoe Source
Necklace: Sam Moon

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2 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. Love this outfit! It’s fun and sporty, and still completely age appropriate. You can totally rock a skirt this length. (Of course, it helps to have your awesome legs from all those 5K runs!) Does Target still have those tanks? I’ve only ever seen the kind that look more like men’s undershirts (in numerous fashionable colors, of course). The tank in the photo I could actually wear to the office.

    As for skirt length, I used to wear short-short-short, but since turning 30 (and then 40), I still with just above the knee. Love pencil skirts — very flattering for a girl like me who doesn’t really have hips. If you have tips on different ways to wear different tops with pencil skirts beyond the ubiquitous “sexy librarian” look, I’d appreciate it!


    • Hi Leslie!

      Target does still have the tanks in this outfit. In fact, I bought a turquoise one just last week! I love the little gathers at the neck and the shoulder straps that actually cover a bra strap – definitely a plus!

      Pencil skirts can actually be very versatile – and definitely don’t have to be just “sexy librarian”! I’ve paired a pencil skirt with a simple chambray shirt, white cotton button down shirt and a tank like the one in today’s outfit. This fall I’ll be experimenting with tights and boots and will probably pair them with a pencil skirt and sweater. Stay tuned – I’ll feature a pencil skirt in the next week or so – let me know what you think!

      Thanks for the feedback!


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