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All Red

Have you ventured into the land of color? I have a couple pairs of colored skinny pants and I’m having fun playing with combinations. Take today’s outfit for example. I bought these red skinny crops at Kohl’s last fall and wore them a couple of times with sweaters and boots. I had actually put them in my off season closet for the summer, but pulled them out on a whim. After a few false starts, I’ve created at least 4 different outfits with the pants and expanded my summer choices significantly!

I guess my point is this: just because you wear something for a particular season doesn’t you can’t reinvent it for the current season. Reinvention is one way to keep your outfits interesting without having to buy as many new things every time the season changes. With finances being tight for pretty much everyone these days, necessity is (to update an old quote) the mother of RE-invention!

Today’s outfit:
Sonoma red cropped jeans: Kohl’s
Mossimo Chambray sleeveless top: Target
American Eagle wedges: Payless Shoe Source
Gold leather belt: Target

Frugally yours,


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