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Business casual can be interpreted so many ways, it can be very confusing. Some workplaces do not allow jean at all – or just on Fridays. Others allow jeans but only under certain guidelines. My office is very casual, which can be good, but also challenging at times. On any given day you’ll see anything from jeans to shorts to dresses and just about everything in between. I wear jeans most days, but after spending 20+ years in the corporate world I still have a hard time wearing flip flops or sneakers to work.

I usually try to look as professional as possible in jeans, which means some sort of layering – especially considering the frigid nature of our office climate. It’s also good for those power surges I seem to be experiencing more frequently – ah, the joys of – well, you know. Layering also lets my outfit go from work to dinner out when necessary, another benefit of our casual Texas atmosphere.

Today’s outfit is a great compromise between professional and casual. I could easily substitute a pencil skirt or nice pair of black or khaki slacks and dress it up, but the jeans are comfortable and appropriate for my workplace. The jacket has actually been off and on all day – the weather is very humid and the air conditioner is having a hard time keeping up. Ah, springtime in Texas!

How do you dress for work? Is business casual appropriate, or do you dress up? I’d love to hear from you about your particular work wardrobe challenges!

Today’s outfit:
Off-white blazer: H&M
Navy blue printed tank: Ross
Levi’s Skinny jeans: Urban Outfitters
Aerosoles Black wedge sandals: DSW
Silver hoop earrings: Target

Frugally yours,




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