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Funky, cool pirate?

Funky, cool pirate is the way my daughter described today’s outfit. Not sure how to take that, but I understand why the black and white striped top would elicit that description. And it’s the very reason I avoided putting any red accents with it! I love this outfit for several reasons: it’s comfortable, casual but office appropriate and I don’t feel like I have to constantly adjust it. The t-shirt dress/top is versatile enough (and not too short) to wear it with leggings or alone with flat sandals. The skinny jeans – well, you know how much I love my skinny jeans. I have a couple more of these t-shirt dresses so I’ll be experimenting with them in the coming weeks. At $13.00 each at H&M they’re a great summer wardrobe addition!

Today’s outfit:
Striped t-shirt Dress: H&M
Merona skinny jeans: Target
Black round toe pumps: Payless
Black belt: So old I can’t remember where I bought it
Turquoise bubble necklace: Charming Charlie
Silver hoop earrings: Target

Frugally yours,


P.S. I got an email today from Francesca’s for their “Black & White meets Summer” sale. Love that they validated my turquoise/black & white combo!

Inspiration photo



Coral Summer

Coral is obviously one of my favorite colors this season. You’ve seen the shirt in today’s blog before, but this time I’ve gotten a little outside my usual comfort zone. The mint green pants were purchased about a month ago but I’d hesitated to wear them. I was afraid they were too bright and might look weird, but after all the compliments I’ve received today I realized I worried for nothing.

How often do you hesitate to wear bright colors? During a recent closet edit session, a client showed me a beautiful blue and green printed dress she hadn’t yet worn. When I inquired why she hadn’t worn it, she said she was afraid it was too much color for her. On the contrary! I encouraged her to wear the dress and embrace the color! Bright colors make me happy, so I plan to wear them more often – you should, too!

Today’s outfit:
Coral cotton tunic shirt: Old Navy
Merona mint cropped pants: Target
Aerosoles brown wedge sandals: DSW
Silver chain necklace: Lori Yeary Designs
Silver earrings: Charming Charlie
Scarf: Sam Moon

Frugally yours,




Business casual can be interpreted so many ways, it can be very confusing. Some workplaces do not allow jean at all – or just on Fridays. Others allow jeans but only under certain guidelines. My office is very casual, which can be good, but also challenging at times. On any given day you’ll see anything from jeans to shorts to dresses and just about everything in between. I wear jeans most days, but after spending 20+ years in the corporate world I still have a hard time wearing flip flops or sneakers to work.

I usually try to look as professional as possible in jeans, which means some sort of layering – especially considering the frigid nature of our office climate. It’s also good for those power surges I seem to be experiencing more frequently – ah, the joys of – well, you know. Layering also lets my outfit go from work to dinner out when necessary, another benefit of our casual Texas atmosphere.

Today’s outfit is a great compromise between professional and casual. I could easily substitute a pencil skirt or nice pair of black or khaki slacks and dress it up, but the jeans are comfortable and appropriate for my workplace. The jacket has actually been off and on all day – the weather is very humid and the air conditioner is having a hard time keeping up. Ah, springtime in Texas!

How do you dress for work? Is business casual appropriate, or do you dress up? I’d love to hear from you about your particular work wardrobe challenges!

Today’s outfit:
Off-white blazer: H&M
Navy blue printed tank: Ross
Levi’s Skinny jeans: Urban Outfitters
Aerosoles Black wedge sandals: DSW
Silver hoop earrings: Target

Frugally yours,



Neutral Addition

Today I’m debuting a new wardrobe favorite: Olive pants!!! I’ve been looking for a pair for several months and was just about to give up. But in the words of Tim Allen from Galaxy Quest – “Never give up! Never surrender!” I ran across these Democracy pants at Ross the other day and just about jumped for joy. They are everything I was looking for – including the fun zipper detail on the front pockets.

Once I got home I began to panic a little – what on earth was I thinking? What would I wear with olive green pants? I headed straight to Pinterest, did a search and found a ton of great ideas. I even created a board just for “Olive Pants” because there were so many great ideas. I’ll be adding these to the regular rotation for sure. I was thrilled to find that olive really is considered a neutral color – you can mix with just about any color, pattern or style.

I figured I would start my olive odyssey with a little fun. The white lace tank and pearls give the outfit a feminine touch with the denim jacket bringing back down to casual. The orange bubble necklace brings in a pop of color that brightens the whole outfit. One style note: I rolled the pants up twice in the photo, then when I got to work my fashionista daughter suggested I roll them up one more time. It really changed the look, so I’ll do that from now on. It’s great having an honest second opinion every day!

Today’s outfit:
Democracy olive pants: Ross
White lace tank top: LOFT Outlet
GAP denim jacket: Ebay
Franco Sarto Nude Sandals: Ross
Pearls: Claire’s
Orange bubble necklace: J Crew Outlet

Frugally yours,



Wear it again

Wear it again. But in a different way! The pieces in today’s outfit are definitely staples in my wardrobe. The empire waist shirt is more versatile than I originally thought and pairs with lots of colors. The purple cardigan is the perfect weight for spring and summer and the freezing temps in my office. The skinny jeans – well you’ve seen them a lot if you’ve been reading the blog for very long. And the bubble necklace? Well, it’s just fun!

If you are in the Dallas area and would like to schedule a Closet Review with Style Savvy, please let me know! I can show you how to edit your wardrobe and shop your closet to create a whole new look. Email me for details: I’d love to hear from you!

Today’s outfit:
Dark Teal sleeveless top: The LOFT
Purple cotton cardigan: LOFT Outlet
Levi’s skinny jeans: Urban Outfitters
Aerosoles black wedge sandals: DSW
Turquoise bubble necklace: Charming Charlie

Frugally yours,



Never give up!

My awesome husband and I went out dancing recently so I wanted to dress up a little. I found this dress last year at Marshall’s and hadn’t worn it yet, so I decided to give it a try. I love how it fits through the bodice then flairs just a bit at the skirt. Great for twirling on the dance floor!

I’ve said before that dresses can be tricky for me – a defined waist is often in the wrong location and looks weird. This dress is the exception because the bodice is fitted almost to my hips – giving a nice slimming effect. Finding the right fit – whether it’s in pants, skirts, dresses, whatever involves a lot of trial and error. Don’t give up! Take along a friend if you’re in doubt and get an honest opinion. But don’t hesitate to TRY! Once you find a style that looks good, use it as a guideline for future shopping. For instance: I know that gathered waist skirts just don’t look good on me so I stay away from them. Pencil skirts are flattering and easy to wear, but I still have to try them on!

Today’s outfit:
Dress: Marshall’s
Black Gladiator Sandals: DSW
Silver hoop earrings: Target

Frugally yours,



Dress Your Age

Dress Your Age. Not as easy as it sounds. With changing styles and standards, being over 40 (or over 50) presents some unique wardrobe challenges. I often ask my daughters and husband for feedback on my outfits (Do I look like I’m trying too hard?), but when I’m really stuck I head to  or  These sites focus on women over 40 and have some great information and fashion tips.

Celebrities are often our fashion examples – and not always in a good way. Staying classy and appropriate is a challenge. We still want to feel beautiful, sexy and fun and today’s fashions give us a multitude of options. Finding your personal style over 40 (or 50) involves time, energy and a lot of trial and error, but it’s well worth the effort. Style Savvy DFW was created to advise and encourage women to be (and look) their absolute best whatever their age. Starting with a wardrobe review, Style Savvy consultants work with clients to edit (keep, alter, donate) clothing, and then create complete outfits from their existing pieces. Learning how to “shop your closet” is one of the key components of a Style Savvy consultation. After organizing and photographing the new outfits, we work with the client to create a shopping list categorized by basic pieces, accessories and shoes to complete the wardrobe. We can even help the client create a clothing budget for each season. Style Savvy DFW loves budgets!

If you’re stuck in a style rut, let us help you! Contact us at for a complete list of services.

Today’s Outfit:

Denizen dark wash boot cut jeans: Target
Orange knit top: Old Navy
White Denim jacket: JC Penney
Aerosoles brown wedge sandals: DSW
Turquoise/gem nugget necklace: Lori Yeary Designs
Wooden bracelets: Raven + Lily(

Frugally yours,



Skirting the issue

Skirts are one of my favorite summer items. They’re easy to wear, versatile and relatively cool. The maxi skirt I’m wearing today is actually perfect for my office since it tends to feel like a freezer most days. I love the color of the t-shirt – it just makes me feel like spring! You’ll probably see this skirt a lot this spring and summer – I’m looking forward to finding new ways to wear it.

What’s your “go to” item for summer? Shorts? Skirts? Dresses? I’d love to hear from you!

Today’s outfit:
Teal T-shirt: GAP
Black knit maxi skirt: CATO
Black Naturalizer Sandals: Naturalizer Outlet
Wire and Pearl necklace: Lori Yeary Designs
Earrings: Target

Frugally yours,



Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier. The way you organize your closet can be one key to streamlining your morning routine. I started color blocking my closet about a year ago and it has been amazing! You wouldn’t think such a simple thing would change your outlook, but it definitely worked for me. This morning I wanted to keep it really simple so I went with a plain t-shirt and denim skirt. The pop of hot pink in the necklace and belt keep it from the boring category – I just wish I had a bright colored sandal to wear. Definitely going on my shopping list!

One of my favorite Target items is their pencil skirt. It’s available in a multitude of colors and prints and is fully lined. The best part is the pockets – I’m a huge fan of pockets! The skirts are well made, easy to wear and a great alternative to jeans for summer. Now I just need a little tan on my very white legs!

Today’s outfit:
Merona gray t-shirt: Target
Merona denim pencil skirt: Target
Aerosoles black sandals: DSW (online)
Hot Pink braided belt: LOFT Outlet
Hot Pink bubble necklace: J Crew Outlet
Gold earrings: Charming Charlie

Frugally yours,



Casual Saturday

Casual outfits can be some of the most challenging. You want to be comfortable, but also want to look put together. The normal default t-shirt and jeans or shorts just won’t cut it some days. A recent Saturday was a prime example for me. My Awesome Hubby (AH) treated me to a day trip to visit some wineries. I wanted to be comfortable for the drive, cool enough in the warm sun (we were planning to tour some vineyards), casual and cute all at the same time. A tall order, indeed.

I opted for a ¾ sleeve striped t-shirt and black walking shorts. Nothing fancy, but I achieved the three C’s (casual, comfortable and cute) so I was satisfied. I didn’t mess with too many accessories, but opted for a streamlined outfit I wouldn’t have to mess with all day. Mission accomplished!

Today’s outfit:
Striped ¾ sleeve boat neck t-shirt: H&M
Black walking shorts: LOFT Outlet
Grey Airwalk tennis shoes: Payless


Frugally yours,


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