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Fair warning: you’ll be seeing the khaki slacks in today’s outfit a lot this season! After wearing jeans almost every day through the winter I was thrilled to find khakis that fit well and are just the right weight. I must have tried on 20 different pairs of khakis over the past two months and was rapidly losing patience. I had just about given up when I made a quick trip to the outlet mall and ventured into the LOFT. I’ve always had good luck in LOFT stores, but the outlet holds a special place in my frugalista heart. There’s almost always a sale of some kind and the selection is surprisingly good. On this particular day I happened to hit the “40% off EVERYTHING” sale. It was like a sign – today was the day to find the ever elusive khaki pants. And I did!

Being a vertically challenged person (right at 5’4”) I’m not always a “petite”, but not usually a misses size either. Buying slacks and jeans can be a challenge because the “short” or Petite” lengths can be too short while the regular lengths are sometimes 3-4” too long! I’m not averse to having things altered, but these Curvy style khakis happened to be the perfect length to wear with heels so I snapped them up. I’ve already worn them several times and they are so comfortable!

I tried several different shirts this morning before settling on the light blue t-shirt, white cardigan and scarf. I almost omitted the scarf – it’s pretty big and until I figured out how to tie it I was worried it looked too bunchy. I think it’s a nice compliment to the outfit – what do you think?

Today’s Outfit:
Curvy fit khaki slacks: The LOFT Outlet
Blue Mossimo T-shirt: Target
White ¾ sleeve Cardigan: The LOFT Outlet
Scarf: Target (Clearance)
Brown Bandolino Pumps: DSW
Brown braided belt: Target


Frugally yours,



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2 thoughts on “Khakis!

  1. I didn’t see your post until this afternoon (the day after you published it), but I opted for khakis this morning, too. Great minds! My favorite pair actually came from Target, and I love, love, love them. Very easy to dress up and dress down, and a necessarily light weight in the Texas heat. Look forward to seeing all the ways you inspire me to wear my khakis this season!


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