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Coral Spring

As you’ve seen in the past few weeks, I really love coral this spring! I went into to Old Navy recently and walked out with three items in that wonderfully bright and happy color. I know, I’m a little crazy – but I don’t care. Color makes me happy!

One the trickiest aspects of finding your style is learning how to pair tops and pants/jeans. The key is proportion. If you ever check out the “fashion police” photos of celebrities you’ll see that’s one thing the critics focus on – and criticize – most often. A blousy top with wide leg/flowing pants or skirt makes even the thinnest super model look heavier than she is. The blouse in today’s outfit is a good example. I tried this blouse with khaki pants and quickly decided that skinny jeans were a much better option for me. I could have tucked the shirt into the khakis for a more tailored look, but today I was going for comfort so that option was out! The outfit would have been ok without accessories, but I love the way the pearls and silver chain look against the coral. What do you think?

Today’s Outfit:
Coral blouse: Old Navy
Rock Star Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
Brown Aerosoles Sandals: DSW
Pearl Strands: Claire’s
Silver chain and Silver/Pearl Necklaces: Lori Yeary Designs
Pearl Bracelet: Lori Yeary Designs


Frugally yours,



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2 thoughts on “Coral Spring

  1. Love the top untucked with the long necklaces. The wedge sandals really pull the whole look together. Would that same top work belted with shorter necklaces? Would you do a thin belt or a thick one?


    • Thanks, Leslie! A belt would look great with the top and shorter necklaces. Or a great “statement” necklace. You could go with either a wide or skinny belt – it really depends on your preference. I would try both and see which feels better. Thanks for the feedback!


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