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I don’t wear dresses very often, but when I do I prefer classic shapes like the one in today’s outfit. I’ve found some great dresses at Marshall’s and Ross recently, including some designer finds by Calvin Klein and Tahari. My shape tends to be a bit tricky when it comes to dress styles. Evidently my waist is at a weird location for most dresses with a defined (i.e. seamed) waistline so I try to stay away from them. I actually hesitated in even trying on today’s dress because I was convinced it wouldn’t look good. I’m so glad I listened to my daughter and tried it on anyway!

When the lovely (and brand new) Mrs. K became engaged in December I knew I wanted to have some dresses to wear to her bridal showers and rehearsal dinner. I know it may sound old fashioned, but I think dressing up for a bridal shower is just the right thing to do. Guess it’s my southern roots showing! I bought this particular dress in January and patiently waited to wear it for the rehearsal dinner (this dress would also be appropriate for a wedding!). I added a navy cardigan because the evening was a little cool and received many compliments throughout the evening. I wasn’t sure about what shoes to wear, so I put it to a vote – all three daughters and my awesome husband voted for the nude pumps so they won.

What do you wear for bridal showers and weddings? With today’s relaxed dress codes it seems pretty much anything goes!

Today’s Outfit:
Calvin Klein dress: Ross
Nude Pumps: Target
Navy Cardigan (not shown): The LOFT


Frugally (and fashionably) yours,



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