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Occasionally I have the opportunity to sing at the Grapevine Opry in Grapevine, Texas – one of my absolute favorite things to do. I’ve been performing at the Opry since 1994 so needless to say I’ve seen a lot of styles over the years. Shoulder pads, big hair, vests and broom skirts – you name it, I’ve probably worn it. Thankfully those styles are gone (and I hope they never return!), but these days deciding what to wear can be a unique challenge.

Most of the singers at the Opry are much younger than I (some as young as 13!) and of course look cute in pretty much whatever they wear. Being a 54 year old performer, I want to be fashionably appropriate with just enough sass and not to make people wonder “what on earth was she thinking”. Tough challenge. Striking the right balance takes some time, determination and a second (and sometimes third) opinion from reliable, honest people. I’m fortunate to have daughters and a husband who are willing to fill those roles.

Today’s outfit strikes just the right balance (or at least that’s the feedback I got at the show!). Age appropriate, stage worthy and fairly comfortable. Definitely a good combination. The sequin t-shirt was a bargain find at the J Crew after Christmas sale and I absolutely love the dark purple color. The purple sandals were a clearance find at DSW – I’ve been pleased to find I actually have several things they go with. The whole outfit cost under $100 – and I’ve worn all the pieces at least three different ways so my cost per use is pretty good!

Today’s Outfit:
Purple Sequin T-shirt: J Crew
H&M Blazer: H&M
Denizen Jeans: Target
Purple Sandals: DSW
Earrings and Bracelet: Sample Sale


Frugally yours,



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