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Just a Normal Day

Just a normal day shouldn’t require a lot of effort when putting an outfit together. But sometimes it’s the most challenging of all! Depending on your schedule (work, errands, dinner out, etc.) an outfit needs to be comfortable, casual and event appropriate all at the same time. Thankfully, jeans (nice ones without holes!) are appropriate almost anywhere these days so it makes casual outfits a little easier to create.

However – I must admit the jeans in today’s outfit weren’t my best choice. Yes, they fit, but the semi-bootcut isn’t quite wide enough to work well with my wedge sandals. I should know better, because I’ve had this problem before – you know, the open back sandals that constantly catch the hem and bunch up awkwardly in the in the back. I’ve spent most of the day messing with the hem of these jeans – not a horrible thing, but definitely a little aggravating. This is what happens when I change an outfit at the last minute. I had on a pair of “real” bootcut jeans, but changed my mind because I wanted to wear the sandals and the first pair of jeans was too short. All for the sake of fashion.

Other than the hem bunchiness, this outfit is very comfortable. My main criteria for comfort is not having to “mess” with the outfit (adjusting a neckline, a button front that gaps, etc.) too much. I also prefer layers when I’m in and out of an air conditioned office during the day. The ¾ sleeve cardigan is a perfect addition to the sleeveless tank – and just a step up from a regular t-shirt and jeans!

Today’s Outfit:
Ruffled print tank: Target
Cobalt Blue Merona Cardigan: Target
Lee Curvy Fit Jeans: Ross
Brown Aerosole Sandals: DSW
Mint Green Earrings: Francesca’s


Frugally yours,



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